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  1. RCF

    250f losing oil, any ideas?

    my ktm does this when the rings have had it. time for a top end.
  2. RCF

    2000 KTM 125sx no low end power

    reeds should be tight , make sure your power valve is working take cover off start bike make sure it moves up and down when you rev it up.
  3. if it is directional there will be a arrow on the side wall of the tire.
  4. RCF

    1993 KTM250SX CDI Question

    you can get a complete ignition from PVL Rotor/Flywheel, Stator, CDI Module, Upper Coil, Regulator (where applicable), Adapter Mounting Plate (where applicable), Mounting Hardware, Rotor Puller, and Spark Plug Cap for about $400.00 .
  5. RCF

    Foot of Mountain h/s...

    that wasn't a mud race this is lol .
  6. RCF

    52 tooth trouble

    I just put a new stock chain guard on my son's bike and it does have two holes in it so you can lower it.
  7. you can change the lc's washer stack in the clutch to slow it down. if you go over to ktmtalk you can read about washer stacks for the next few weeks.
  8. RCF

    more issues with the 105sx

    there is gasket behind hydraulic clutch on the engine as far as your other problem your loss or power can be a stuck power valve or your in need of a new piston & ring or a broken reed. that's the three things I would look at first.
  9. if the bike was running good before the crash I would make sure the kill switch wasn't damaged. disconnect it under the tank then check for spark,and you should stop dumping gas in the spark plug hole the bike is probably loaded up already and your just making it harder to start. hold your hot start in find top dead and give it good kick (don't use the e-start)
  10. I just did top ends on 3 250f 1 450exc in the past few weeks all where pushing oil out the breather,new piston and rings the problem stopped. the 450 had 72 hr. on it (only bike with a hr. meter) ring end gap was way out on all the bikes. I haven't seen one of these bike push oil out when it was new or with low hr. The rings in these bikes only have about 40hr. life span depending on how hard the bike is used.
  11. by re-routing the hose your just putting a band aid on the real problem, bad rings.
  12. if your pushing oil out the breather its time four a new top end or just new rings depending on hr's on bike
  13. get out in the woods and cut your own loop my son been working on one for a few yrs. now. walk the woods whit a can a spray paint and mark off your trails, I just helped him lay out a few trails this weekend. just cut harder trails as you get better,I can't even make it around his loop anymore .
  14. RCF

    ktm250xcfw up in flames

    that's what I think happen I have the ball out of the cap but I use a inline vent, going to try venting to ground and taking the inline off . I know two other guys that had gas cap problems that day it was hot out.
  15. RCF

    ktm250xcfw up in flames

    IT was my sons bike that was on fire at evansville it went out on its own no damage done. bike was pushing gas out the cap before the race thinking this is what caused it. bike died (thank built up presser) then flames ended are day. never had a problem with the cap before got a new one to be safe.