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  1. billbanshee

    Atlanta 2 TV airing

    thankas a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. billbanshee

    Atlanta 2 TV airing

    think i see the box where the video will be now fingers crossed. been so pissed at this fox2 and comcast sx and amc channel is the only reason i still have cable
  3. billbanshee

    Atlanta 2 TV airing

    not avaliable
  4. billbanshee

    Atlanta 2 TV airing

    #6 i dont see features anywhere should it be there yet?
  5. billbanshee

    2015 Supercross ArlingtonTexas Rd 7 - Links

    sombody save the day comcast is killing me
  6. billbanshee

    Central Illinois Thread

    think I may have rode there a few times 15 or so years ago if its the same place it looks like people still ride there from whaat I see on google maps
  7. billbanshee

    Riding in south or central illinois this weekend

  8. billbanshee

    Central Illinois Thread

    hope its true that would probably be a fun place to ride I love sand
  9. billbanshee

    Central Illinois Thread

    ive been wanting to check that track out looks like a fun place
  10. billbanshee

    Central Illinois Thread

    in springfield here so south fork is close to me also but I couldn't agree more on what a dump it has turned into in fact I think riding the dump would probably be better. same as sfunk I don't have anybody to ride with anymore and the kx450 has been collecting dust for a year now im in for a thumper talk meet up
  11. billbanshee

    Camera in the rafters is the best

    I hated the from above shots too far away for my liking I have seen some awesome footage from those quadcoptors though
  12. billbanshee

    New to central IL - searching for mx tracks

    from springfield here if anybody here wants to meet up for a ride day let me know billbanshee@Comcast.net
  13. billbanshee

    T.O this wknd !

    its def possible
  14. billbanshee

    Badlands in Attica, Indiana

    been there many times its my fav place to ride but they should do better on the mx track though
  15. billbanshee

    JS7 passes the Ginger Nut

    no doubt thats what im thinking too