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  1. petedrz

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    I have a question for you Rick, it says you ride around in the Cal city is this bike street legal to?
  2. petedrz

    Rear spring

    Up date at one time my bike had no spring related problems spent several ride's adjusting and trying till it felt plush for my ridding. Than the problem starts rear spring to bouncy. Simple misstake I over tighten the chain, which was springing the back end up like a sling shot.
  3. petedrz

    Sand sucked thru motor

    Do a search in the CRF 250 forum this has been delt with in full detail how to fix.
  4. petedrz

    Kicker is softer than last week?

    Kicker is softer than last week? After last week your bike probable feels lighter & faster. Donna I think he figure out your kicker problem.
  5. petedrz

    anyone finance there bike through honda

    Go with reg Honda finance fix rate for entire length of loan. Stay away from the Honda card great rates in the beginning than prepared to get screw. Also here is the link I use to get preaproved befor I shop Always sales will help you first if you walk in with your own Honda approval number. Good luck Go to bottom right click on apply for preaproval
  6. petedrz


    Were are you planing to be their?
  7. petedrz

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Love the little ni**le showing
  8. petedrz

    Reving out??

    I don't think you will ever get to the point were you have the bike pined in 6th gear. So probably woring about the impossible. Just my view of it.
  9. Yes sounds like the 230 will be less maintains for you.
  10. petedrz

    Rear spring

    Thanks Fred I will try that.
  11. petedrz

    Rear spring

    I have a 2005 250 X rear spring to bouncy on the whoops. Sag was set, any help on what to do with the clickers.
  12. petedrz


    I can't believe I'm going to miss out on this ride Their will be one next year.
  13. petedrz

    viagra for wheelies

    how do you find the balance point when the bike feels like its going over.
  14. petedrz

    Croom 8-14

    What happen to Joe bike?
  15. petedrz


    Hardrock (Oct. 1) DonO, Doug, Todd, Phil, Josh, Brian, Craig + wife (80%), Mark C, Mark G, Brett, Robbie, Stewart, Drew ONF (Oct. 2) DonO, Pete, Sean, Scott (tampa), Brett, Todd, Phil, Josh, Rich, Scott (North Port), Mark C, Don S (+3) Mark G, Robbie, Stewart, Drew