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  1. MetALLicPUnK

    Which Compact truck is best?

    well i would try to get a 99 to 02 Silverado with the 5.3 liter and 4 wheel drive, but they're kinda expensive, i was looking around in auto trader and i found afew I liked, but they're all around $17,995 or more. I dont have alot to spend, I would like to sell my 89, its worth more than the blue book value. It has a new paintjob, 93 engine, new tranny, and i might get up to 6 or 7k for it, but i dont really know what i'm gonna do yet.
  2. MetALLicPUnK

    Which Compact truck is best?

    ok sorrry..... well how are they automatic ones, I've heard the S-10s have bad auto trannys are the ZR2's any different?
  3. MetALLicPUnK

    Which Compact truck is best?

    i'm not really looking at getting a brand new truck, i cant afford it. i dont want an 05 silverado either, i'm not a big fan of the 03-05 trucks. i just dont like the way the front looks. i would get like a 99-00 or a 98 though, but they're like 30,000 i think. plus i would like to have better gas milage. I'm considering the Z10 truck, but i dont know much about them. i would like to stick with chevy if i can. If not that then maybe the Ranger. The Dakota is a nice truck, I've wanted one ever since i was a little kid, but i dont know how reliable Dodge is since no one i know has ever had one
  4. MetALLicPUnK

    Which Compact truck is best?

    o yeah i was thinking of the toyota too, but i forgot to add it
  5. MetALLicPUnK

    Which Compact truck is best?

    yeah thats exactly what i'm talking about.
  6. I might be in the markrt for a new truck soon. My old 89 silverado is beginning to show its age, so I'm thinking i might get a compact truck especially for their better fuel economy. The options i must have are 4 Wheel Drive cd player , Air conditoning, automatic tranny I'm thinking of a Ford Ranger, a Chevy ZR 10(big S-10), Dodge Dakota, or Nissan Frontier. I would like to have the biggest engine possible in whichever truck i choose. which one do you think is best?
  7. He did say he had the title for the KDX didnt he?
  8. MetALLicPUnK

    Worst Riding Day

    dude, i've had worse days. a couple of weeks ago, i almost drowned my 225 in a water hole that was about up to my knees while sitting on the bike. it shut off on me right in the deepest part. I started it up and tried to turn around little by little, cause each time the engine died. i made it out though, i still can't believe i didn't drown the motor, i mean the water had to be in my airbox and my pipe, i knew it was in my boots though, i had to take them off and drain them
  9. '89 4x4 Chevy Silverado Take a look at it, I'll bet you'll never see another one quite like it '89 Silverado
  10. MetALLicPUnK

    Police trouble

    Can't you just shoot off into the woods or something? Cops can't fit their cruisers through the trees, you'd be home free
  11. MetALLicPUnK

    GM Body Style

    I wish they'd go back to to the old boxy style body, like on the 88-89 Silverado. I don't know, but I like the old 4 headlight set up instead of the composite ones. I hate what Chevy has done to the current Silverados, but I kinda like the current GMC's though. If I had one, I'd take off the GM logo and add on a bowtie. I'd rather stay with the Silverados though, I'd get a 96 or 97, anything with a 5.7 V8
  12. 88-89 4x4 5.7 liter V8 Chevy Silverado, Nuff said.
  13. MetALLicPUnK


    Damn, I hope he's okay, that looked painful
  14. MetALLicPUnK

    Brand new MODEL of XT225 out in Japan!

    I hope it does, I like it!