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  1. How many miles? Condition?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have heard of the Dakota option and the out of state address. I have also been told BLM is cracking down on bikes here in CA that have out of state plates. I will go through all the options members have been kind enough to share. I really appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. Good knowledge. Thanks Again!!
  4. Still would need an out of State address?
  5. So if I can’t buy a used bike from out state looking for anyone that has or knows of a low mileage California 2017 / 2018 Beta 500 RRS? Thanks in advance!
  6. That would be nice and too easy!! But will check.
  7. Thanks for the reply and information!
  8. Looking to buy a used Beta 2017 500 RRS from outside California. Can I plate (Register with CA DMV) the bike in CA? If so what is the best way? Don't have the money to put down for a new bike from a Dealer in CA. Any help or sugguestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.