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  1. ProCycle

    1992 DR250, more speed?

    It takes twice as much power to go 95 as it does to go 75. There's no practical way to double the horse power of a DR250. If you want to be able to go 95 trade it up for a DR650.
  2. ProCycle

    Half tarded?

    If you lace them yourself on your existing hubs it can be done for half that much.
  3. ProCycle

    Barnett Clutch Kit DR650

    Barnett likes heavy springs. You could ease the effort a little by installing 2 of your old springs with 2 of the Barnett springs. If you do this make sure the matching springs are across from each other to balance the force on the pressure plate.
  4. The DR350 only has a single cam for intake and exhaust lobes. Moving the cam by one tooth will make it run like crap.
  5. ProCycle

    Procycle's Stroker for the 650

    There's no replacement for displacement
  6. ProCycle

    DR650 rear shock worn out

    Doesn't look all that unusual. Probably has lost most of the nitrogen. It's nothing that the installation of a Gold Valve wouldn't cure.
  7. ProCycle

    DR650 stalls and dies when hot

    Those are the symptoms of tight valve clearances.
  8. ProCycle

    So, I have a DRZ, and now a DR 350, but can't find plastics......

    Well it was popular 15 years ago. Companies that make plastic parts move on to newer models. Maier has replacement side covers and MX style rear fender. Otherwise the only choice is OEM Suzuki.
  9. ProCycle

    Tuning a DR350 enging for maximum power and torque

    440cc big bore kit and TM33 pumper carburetor.
  10. ProCycle

    DR650 tuning

    It's common and normal for a DR650 to pop on deceleration.
  11. ProCycle

    Can I lay down the DR for long?

    The rooster is in the right end of the starter. It's a bushing that doesn't get any engine oil. Easily cured by applying a dab of grease to the bushing.
  12. ProCycle

    Seat suggestions please

    This is a point that's lost on many riders looking for a seat upgrade. A soft/cushy seat will be more comfortable initially and for short rides but if you are an all-day rider you need a firm seat to still be bearable after a couple hundred miles in the saddle. Just like most other things related to dual sport riding, seat choice is a compromise.
  13. ProCycle

    I need a plan B to start my DR

    I don't have an alternative method to start my truck if the battery dies but it doesn't worry me. If cars still had handcranks nobody would ever use them. Many long distance adventure riders have dual batteries or just carry a spare. It's pretty easy to do with the small, light weight lithium batteries on the market these days. Pack a small lithium battery and some cable that would allow you to run power directly to the starter and you could get it cranking even if the whole system from starter button to solenoid was fubar.
  14. ProCycle

    Dr650 missing. Coil?

    -Strainer- (typing before coffee) Yes, there is a tiny fuel strainer inside the fuel inlet tube at the carburetor.
  15. ProCycle

    Can anyone install a safari tank solo?

    The Safari will spread while off the bike. I wrapped a ratchett tie-down around mine to squeeze the side lobes together. In the future, take the front bracket off and keep it attached to the tank.