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  1. Jphillips31

    Show Your SX-F!

    set up for the Finke Desert race
  2. Jphillips31

    2017 450 XC-F Gearing

    I ran 14 - 45 in the Finke Desert Race, 460km desert race. Found it good on my 2018 450 SXF
  3. Jphillips31

    450 SXF Battery Charger

    Mines a Ctek lithium
  4. Jphillips31

    2016 SX-F 450 Starting Problem?

    Mine goes from fully charged sitting at 12.8v to 9.2v as soon as I hit the start button. Charged it a Ctek lithium charger. Won't even crank. Looks like battery number 3 in a 9 month old bike. [emoji35]
  5. Jphillips31

    450 SXF Battery Charger

    Ive never worried about not having a kick starter until now. This is my second bike with out a kick starter. My berg never let me down. I ran a maintenance charger on it. So I forked out the $$$ for a lithium maintenance charger to do the same on my new bike. Let's just say the new Samsung battery is shit. My first one failed second time started. They replaced it straight away, lucky I hadn't gone home. 2nd has shit itself after 42hrs on the clock. Trying to get hold of a good replacement battery. Apparently the SSB Performance one is good. Rang a dealer and they will only be running them when they can get them. Other than this little issue the go button is awesome.
  6. Jphillips31

    2016 450 SX-F rear tyre question

    Thanks every one. Ordering a 120. Now just have to pick between the Starcross 5 or MX52. Thanks again
  7. Jphillips31

    2016 450 SX-F rear tyre question

    what pressure are you running? Did you make any suspension changes.
  8. Jphillips31

    2016 450 SX-F rear tyre question

    That's my thoughts. It would be good if I didn't have to buy another tyre straight away though.
  9. Has any one here had experience with Michelin Starcross 5 intermediate. 110/90-19. I've just changed to this after the guys at my bike shop recommend it. I just can't get it feeling right. I've tried pressures from 16psi down to 10. The 120/80-19 Dunlop MX32 was awesome. Mainly ran it at 12psi. My issue is that I can't stabilise the rear of the bike in high speed stuff with small ruts. Also unpredictable on flat hard pack corners. With the old tyre I could point and shoot and the bike would go where I wanted. I have noticed a loss of traction but that could be suspension or pressure related. I'm wondering if it's the tyre or the change in width. Thinking of going back to the 120. Any tips would be great as I don't want to waste another $130.
  10. Jphillips31

    2015 vs 2016 450 sxf advice and input

    Bgough I haven't changed the gearing yet. What I've been riding it has worked well but in the more open stuff I'm going 1 tooth up on the front sprocket to see how it goes.
  11. Jphillips31

    ODI grips

    Are the factory fit odi grips any different to the emig ones odi sell. If the ktm throttle cams fit I would go that way. I actually like the standard grips but they are expensive.
  12. I use an Apple Watch and carry my phone in my camel bak. The phone does my lap timing and the watch records heart rate etc.
  13. Jphillips31

    Radiator cap on 450 sx-f 16

    Still don't have a replacement. KTM Australia are slow as hell here. Will try silicone on the new one
  14. Jphillips31

    2016 plastics

    I found fitting an FMF worked as there is a bracket on the FMF that pushes the guard out a bit
  15. Jphillips31

    16 owners

    i dropped mine at about 5k/h in the sand and broke the LH spoiler. None in Australia apparently.