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  1. DPelletier

    Trail Bike Candidates - Opinions?

    Sigh! OK, for the last time; as someone who is over 18 and actually has ridden with several kids on 50's trying to teach them to ride; DO NOT buy a race bike for that purpose, sure it can be done, but it ISN'T the right bike for it and you'll find it extremely frustrating. The DRZ or an XR will be fine; a 450 race bike or any other MXer will not. Just to be clear ('cause there seems to be some confusion here) an MX bike can make a perfectly acceptable offroad (or "trail" oriented bike, if you prefer) bike, BUT riding trails at a decent pace is one thing..........following a CRF50 down the same trail at 1/2 mph is something else entirely........oh yeah, make sure you have a kickstand too. Dave
  2. DPelletier

    Trail Bike Candidates - Opinions?

    Nope, the CRF450X and WR450 are basically hi-tech racing bikes as far as the engines go just like the CRF450R and YZ450 and bear no resemblance to the AIR cooled XR's of years past. ......I had a KX250 and couldn't ride it slow enough to sweep ride behind my son racing his CRF150F in Junior Hare Scrambles. I ended up buying a CRF250X which worked fine for that duty, but I recently replaced it with my KTM300XCW 'cause the 250X was way too hard to ride with my faster buddies. There is no way I'd want to try to ride any of the bikes you mentioned at CRF50 speeds except the DRZ (or the XR400)........but you need to decide for yourself and it sounds like you want something racier. 2 pennies, Dave
  3. DPelletier

    mom needs new bike

    Oh and to the OP; The KDX really feels night and day different with a pipe and silencer vs. stock. If she really doesn't like the 2 stroke "hit" and that's what bugs her with the piped 200, I would put a stock pipe and silencer on it and let her try.....huge difference in how the bike feels. Dave
  4. DPelletier

    mom needs new bike

    Agreed: the XR wouldn't be a good choice either. I shouldn't have been splitting hairs but I noticed that alot of people compare the XR 250 to the CRF230 when the XR200 is really comparable and the XR250 is a much more sophisticated bike. I too think the KX100 might be the best choice here, but....... Dave
  5. DPelletier

    Trail Bike Candidates - Opinions?

    If you are going to be mostly riding with your wife and son, get the DRZ; the others are very difficult to ride slowly. Dave
  6. DPelletier

    mom needs new bike

    Actually an XR250 has way better suspension (and brakes, ergonomics, etc.) compared to a CRF230, but it isn't a good choice as they are tall and heavy. 5'6" is right between a CRF150R/KX100/105XC and a full size bike. I'd avoid a CRF250X as it is still heavy and WAY too tall; tallest bike I've owned actually and I've owned alot of bikes. If 2 strokes are truly out, maybe a CRF150R, but she might be happier on a KDX220 depending on her skills and riding area. They might be 2 strokes, but they are quiet and have no real powerband snap (stock). Dave
  7. DPelletier

    85 2 stroke for my wife

    Another vote for the KX100; they're cheap and have a PV and the additional displacement allows it to handle a heavy flywheel weight....and gear it down. My wife rode and raced one for three years and her friend Val still has hers and does quite well on it. A KTM 105 would also be good (albeit more $$$) As far as whether or not the woman in question can handle a KX100 or would be better off on something like a CRF150F; hard to say without knowing her and her abilities. Dave
  8. There are two things to consider when buying a bike; -1) size - 2) level of performance It is a good idea for a beginner to start off on a beginner bike. It is a bad idea to buy a bike that is WAY too small for the rider. While it's true that it's nice to error on the side of small rather than the other way around for a beginner, you are doing them no favors by putting them on bikes that DON'T FIT. Do you buy a beginner skater, skates that are 2 sizes too small? LOL ...Sorry, I just can't believe that anyone would suggest an XR100 for a guy that's 6' tall. Might as well get him a Z50! go ahead and buy him a beginner bike that FITS.....like a CRF230, XR200, KDX200, etc. etc. I dunno, I've taught about two dozen people how to ride in the last 30 or so years and it's worked for me. Dave
  9. LOVE it. It rocks; it's like magic! Best bike I've ever owned. Great ergos, awesome suspension, super easy and tractable motor AND the button. Looks cool too. Dave
  10. Actually skiing is great cross training for motorcycle riding; lots of top riders do it. My wife was a ski racer for years and I credit that for her success riding; she didn't start riding motorcycles until she was 27 or 28 y/o and was winning races within a couple of years. Anywho, back to the topic; there are lots of variables but FWIW (and without knowing the budget) - at over 6' he's too big for anything less than a full size bike IMO. That means no CRF150's or TTR125's - Yes a rank beginner shouldn't be given too much bike to learn on....I'm going to say a CRF230F or XR200 (or similar) if you don't mind upgrading soon assuming he catches on and likes it. - A KDX200/220 or XR250 would be better choices if you plan on keeping him on the same bike for awhile. I prefer the KDX as it can be tuned to "grow" a little better with the riders abilities. - A WR250 or CRF250X are next offering better performance while still being fairly easy to handle. Heck a stock WR is extremely mellow (although you won't find one stock unless it's brand new!) 2 pennies, Dave
  11. DPelletier

    KTM200 EX-C or WR250F

    Personally, I'd go with the 200 for the lighter weight and more power. I have a CRF250X in the garage beside our two 200XC's and there is a big difference in feel between the Honda and the KTM's.... BTW, the 250XCW has electric start as well. The 200's are very easy to start though and I wouldn't let the lack of a button stop me from buying one (even though I like it on my 300).
  12. DPelletier

    Which bike for Nephew?

    Well, size-wise he's about the right size for a CRF150F which is a tad larger than a TTR125L. He'd be a little small for a CRF230F or XR200, but not by too much. How much does he have to spend? I'd avoid the full blown race bikes that are about to be recommended by someone in three, two, one.......... Cheers, Dave
  13. WR or CRF-X. Too bad you aren't closer, I happen to have an extra........ Dave
  14. DPelletier

    Convince me to buy a 2 stroke... please!

    Regarding the OP (as gmoss has stated) I would agree. Certainly there are people out there who behave as you describe. Sorry if my post seemed harsh and truth be told, my response was made after reading several similar posts on a few different threads; not just yours. That having been said; I object to the idea that everyone (except D Knight and J Stewart) who rides a 300 or 450 is "compensating for something" and isn't as good a rider as people who choose to ride something smaller. I doubt this was the intent of your post, but it sure seemed to infer such a line of thinking. I have owned over 30 motorcyles and have been riding and racing for the past 35 years or so. I don't pretend to be a AA rider, but as I said before; I have been lucky enough to know and ride with several very skilled riders. In MY experience, there is terrain that favors a 300 or even a 450 NO MATTER WHAT your skill level is and that sums up my thoughts on the matter. I also chose "not to deal with a 450lb pig" and that's why I chose my 300. I wrestled with getting a 250 instead and I'm certain there are places where it would have been a better choice, but I'm extremely happy with my 300. There are also hills I climb that would have a rider on a 125 wishing he had more power; doable on a 125? sure; more difficult on a 450? not usually. Cheers, Dave
  15. DPelletier

    Suggestions for a new bike.

    Oh, and I forgot to add; I have a CRF250X in the garage and my personal feeling is that it is too tall and heavy to be an ideal women's bike even if she's tall. I'm 5'11" and the CRF-X is the tallest bike I've owned; my KTM300XCW isn't as lofty. Dave