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  1. Devil Tiger

    carb issues 96 DR350

    Are we talking about the non-pumper BST33 carb here? Do you have a manual? Getting mine to run right was a lot easier with (digital copies of) the shop manual(s).
  2. Devil Tiger

    Gas Cap Replacement

    I have a 96 DR350SE that the lock on the gas cap was seized so I drilled it and removed it. I have a gas cap from O'Reilly's (lol) that fit that I found on a thread somewhere. It wasn't venting properly causing a vacuum in the tank so I modified it to vent. Problem is it leaks now and I need to find a replacement. My question is: will an off-road gas cap fit on my dual sport tank? I don't need a lock or care to pay the ridiculous money for one. Thanks.
  3. Devil Tiger

    Honda 300EX Top End Problems

    Bought an 02 300EX that needed a valve adjustment supposedly. Has good compression but went to do it and it has 3 of the longer cylinder head cover bolts broken off in head. Also exhaust side rockers do not line up with the top of the valve stems. Not sure what's going on here, first time I've worked on this engine. I adjusted the best I could and turned it over by hand with the head cover off and after compression stroke the cam/chain would pop/jump but not skip teeth. Not sure what the issue is. I ran it for a while like that and am about to tear back into it just to see whats up. I ran it for about 4 hours off an on with the noise getting worse throughout. From general top end noise then to that jumping noise getting more frequent to the point that I parked it. Performance wise it didn't seem to vary from start to finish. I don't have much into this so if it's going to be easier to just swap heads I'm going to do that and maybe a cam chain. I have a manual and it's not too detailed in troubleshooting top end noise. I have no micrometer but I'm curious of a way to check current cam chain to see if its at service limit. I have a home made tensioner tool so I could check that but I wasn't aware of any issues with the OEM one (unlike CBR f4i's ). Pictures from before I ran it:
  4. Devil Tiger

    96 DR350SE Stuck Gas Cap

    Oh yeah, it's definitely varnished! I will pull it later and get the stinky mess out. Thanks!
  5. Devil Tiger

    96 DR350SE Stuck Gas Cap

    How do I go about draining the gas? I turn the petcock to on and nothing comes out and there is most definitely gas in there. Does the other breather line to carb have to have vacuum applied to it? Should I just pull petcock?
  6. Devil Tiger

    96 DR350SE Stuck Gas Cap

    Restoring an old DR and tank has old gas in it. Put key in cap and try to turn and nothing in either direction. Can't get cap off and have tried penetrating fluid for the past week to no avail. Ideas?
  7. Devil Tiger

    Kawasaki KX250 1991

    Very fast.
  8. Devil Tiger

    BMW K1200GT (2008)


    Great inline 4 sport tourer. Lots of comfort and speed, easy to get tickets on.
  9. Devil Tiger

    BMW K1200GT 2008

    Great inline 4 sport tourer. Lots of comfort and speed, easy to get tickets on.
  10. Devil Tiger

    35 or 38mm Keihin? TMX swap KX125

    I have a TMX on my 02 KX125 that screams. Sounds like somethings not right. And I would take a Mikuni over a Keihin any day so you can just mail me your TMX.
  11. Devil Tiger

    Would you buy one?

    This post makes exactly zero sense. How exactly do you come up with the assumption that it "wouldn't be too hard to make from a Japanese factory"? It wouldn't be all that involved compared to valves and such huh?
  12. Devil Tiger

    86 xr250r help, lots of work to get done...

    My girlfriend hates riding two up on my '95 XR250L so good luck with that. Also I didn't know signals were optional here in lovely Illinois, how'd you come across that?
  13. Devil Tiger

    Shutting off engine with decomp lever?

    Some lazy riders here...didn't ever think hitting a button was hard.
  14. Devil Tiger

    xr250 possible seized engine?

    lol what you're asking for yours is what I bought my running one for with 17k and top end done at 15k...things must be more expensive and bigger in Texas.
  15. Devil Tiger

    Starting Technique Discrepancy

    Never understood how people called these bikes "cold natured" or "hard to start". A 6 year old barefoot could start my bike.