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  1. rbugs

    97 DR350se springs

    What are the stock springs on my 97 DR350 se. I am just starting to set up the suspension. I've never done this before. I need to know what I have to start with, before I start changing things. Ive gotten as far as checking the sag on the rear shock. It looks like too much. Thanks Rich
  2. rbugs

    DR 350 seat

    Will a stock seat from a 2005 dr 650 fit a 97 dr 350?
  3. How do you check compression with an automatic-centrifical compression release?
  4. rbugs

    Fisher seats

    Does anyone have experience with Fisher seats. They appear to specialize in seats and soft bags for dual sports.
  5. rbugs

    Going 1,500 miles on a DR200 is it possible?

    A better seat and at least 3 days
  6. In the left side case half are 2 shielded bearings for the mainshaft and countershaft of the transmission.When I took it apart the shielded sides were facing outward.It looks like the oilways would feed the bearings better if the shields were facing inward.It looks as though the only purpose of the shields is to hold pressure to push oil through the shafts.to me it makes sense to have the shielded side facing inward. I know " just because it makes sense doesnt mean its right". Thanks guys Rich
  7. rbugs


    I am looking for a diagram of the oiling system for 1991 XR250L. thanks guys
  8. I went to my local bike shop today . we did not see a rod and crankpin kit for the xr250l in the book. Is the connecting rod and crank pin interchangeable between the xr250r and xr250l? thanks