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  1. BigIvyI

    450X with 450R wiring Harness

    Oh well!
  2. BigIvyI

    450X with 450R wiring Harness

    You know, getting an R CDI, stator, and harness doesn't sound like that big of a pain in the butt. I could remove all the X wiring and accesories, put them in a box, and have the R stuff on in an afternoon. With a flywheel weight the bike would still run like an X Later when I sell the bike, all that stuff is still pretty and fresh looking. It will go back on in two afternoons. I know lots of people are thinking "just buy an R", but if I did that I'd have to get the suspension revalved, flywheel weight, spark arrestor and still would be missing the more flexible x-chassis and wide ratio gear box. Plus that would be boring and normal!
  3. BigIvyI

    450X with 450R wiring Harness

    Thanks! I think the CRFs have incredible stability but still turn great, especially in berms. The KTMs on the other hand are more simple and easy to work on. Also, my MX bike is a 2006 CRF450R, so I might make the switch. I'm sure a brand new KTM would be great, but that's out of my budget.
  4. BigIvyI

    450X with 450R wiring Harness

    Ok thanks for the info. I know it's not totaly rational, but I don't like having all those extra wires all over the place. I could live with just unplugging everything though. What about an mx front number plate? It seems like a magazine said that it was hard to get one to fit. BTW i'm thinking about this because after years of riding KTMs in the woods, I've discovered that I like the way the CRFs handle way better.
  5. BigIvyI

    450X with 450R wiring Harness

    I love simplicity and I want to strip down a 2008 450X as much as possible. I'd even like to ditch the electric start. Is it possible to remove everything and run the bike with an R wiring harness? If it will work then I think this will be a whole lot cheaper and more simple than trying to make an R into a woods bike.
  6. They are just a bunch of fruitcakes out there. They will spent gazillions on contracters to bull-doze and build things out there, but they won't send a $12 dollar per hour employee out once a week with a chainsaw and machetee to clear the trails and re-route around the occasional mudhole. The one thing I like about CAW is bashing them on the internet.
  7. BigIvyI

    Ohlins local contacts?

  8. BigIvyI

    piston choice for 05 400 EXC??

    I have a 2006 400 and a 2007 453 with 5521 cam done by Dave Hopkins. The 453 is an awesome motor that carburates about as well as a fuel injected bike. I like the 400 slightly better for all out racing though. It vibrates a little less (453 is not bad, just a touch more vibration), revs easier, and the bike feels lighter and smaller. Not quite as clunky feeling. Both are great engines and I can see how a lot of people would love the 453.
  9. BigIvyI

    any non setra events within 3 states of sc in feb.

    Setra is the only group that does enduros. They release the no-show spots at 8:30am. So if you show up and get in line, there is a very good chance (about 90%) you will get a row. No guarantees though.
  10. BigIvyI

    still competetive?

    I thought you said it was cherry..
  11. BigIvyI

    07 Ktm 450 Xcw Help!

    Wow I can't believe that nobody chimed in to help this guy. Outthumped, I hope everything worked out. I would check e-bay for used engines, or better yet find a friend who will help you rebuild the thing. It's not that hard if you take your time and have a good shop manual.
  12. BigIvyI

    Best places to ride in the Greenville SC area?

    Adventure world is a big place, but it's also a junkyard of mudpits and 4-wheeler trails. Brushy is probably your best bet.
  13. Really about the best thing you can do is the top end and make sure your reeds are good and your jetting is good. You can replace the plug but I doubt you will notice a difference unless your old plug is badly worn. If you have the money I would re-pack the muffler and make sure the pipe has no major dents.
  14. BigIvyI

    Training for GNCC race

    You've only got a few weeks left so I wouldn't ramp up your training to much right now. Your doing a lot more than most amatures already. Make sure you chill and rest up a few days before the race.
  15. BigIvyI

    2009 400 XC-W New Bike Disappointment

    Just moving the needle 2 positions will make it feel like a new bike.