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  1. JamesJWeg

    Just a reminder...

    I use a label maker to put the words "DO NOT REMOVE HELMET IF BREATHING" on the chin of ALL my helmets, if your on your back they will not see a sticker on the back of the helmet. James.
  2. JamesJWeg

    Trail hand signals?

    Yeah, I have a little trail behind my house (intown so it is pretty short) about three days ago I was ripping it up after I got home from work, as I chunked it into 3rd for nice power wheelie on my only straight a deer crossed right in front of me. I passed within 2 feet of his ass. That'll slow ya down a little. James.
  3. JamesJWeg

    read this!

    Huh? James.
  4. JamesJWeg

    read this!

    Thanks for proving my point about NASCRAP. And BTW, that's not a personal attack on anyone unlike your reply. FYI, untill last week my sig read "Choppers are to motorcycling what PRO Wrestling is to sports" then someone on another board suggested that I change it to this. Have a good day burning yourself up with all that anger pal, you failed to anger me. James.
  5. JamesJWeg

    Grip Glue

    Spray paint works great. Yup, but I only use it when I don't have any glue handy. James.
  6. JamesJWeg

    read this!

    Same here. Depending on the bike I will use a differant method. On the 530 SX just grab a handfull and dail in how high/far you want to go. On my CBR street bike it's clutch, on my BMW touring bike, I have to bounce it up, get into the power band, slam the throttle shut and open again at the correct timeing. The bounce works good for underpowered/heavy bikes, I also use it on my KZ1000's. Bad pic, but here is about 800 pounds of bike up on one via throttle bounce. James.
  7. JamesJWeg

    Trail hand signals?

    I find myself doing this on the street to cars, some get it, some don't, but the blank looks are so funny. One day while cranking it on the twisties in WNC I came around sharp turn and saw a large utility truck attempting to enter the road, knowing there where three more riders behind me (we were not riding together but I knew they were there) I held up three fingers as I passed him. about 10 miles later I had stopped at a gas station and the same truck pulled in, the driver made a point to thank me, he said that he probably would have pulled out into a rider otherwise. James. James.
  8. JamesJWeg


    INS was $78 / year for my KTM 520 SX. James.
  9. JamesJWeg

    cop chases biker

    Just a hint to the computer savy, Directory browseing is on for the directory that link I posted is in. James.
  10. JamesJWeg

    cop chases biker

    Hosted by yours truly. Cop Vs Dirt Bike James.
  11. JamesJWeg

    test photo

    Well, in fact it drove out, amid much spinning, but I did not have to push. Here's the story http://www.edgefield.k12.sc.us/jjw/html/011904.htm and another like it http://www.edgefield.k12.sc.us/jjw/html/022804.htm James.
  12. JamesJWeg

    test photo

    OR http://www.smugmug.com I really like them, check my site in my sig for examples. It's really easy once you figure it out and get a site. James.
  13. Nope, Mine happened several years ago here in SC on my fathers land, had I been hunting it would have been much easier as I carry real hardware then, I was on my morning run and they got me trapped on a dead end logging lane. Thank God I had my Buck Guide 121 on my hip. James.
  14. Well this one was enough for me to reg and stop lurking. Those people who have never lived pasted the confines of leash laws and Human societies really crack me up. I grew up with a dog as my closest friend for years, and the only reason I would have gone back would have been to put a bullet in his ass so he couldn't run out in front of another bike. Oh yeah, you prolly think that I am some harsh maniac, well you probably have never fought for your life against a pack of 20 + feral dogs with only a sheath knife. James.