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    Motocross. Mountain biking. Hunting. Fishing. Lifted trucks. Fixing things. Basically interested in anything that has a motor and wheels. Yes i race. I would like to thank my sponsors BTO Sports, Armored Graphix, Amsoil, Ryno Power, Motoseat, Dragon Alliance for their continued support, Leatt, Dunlop Tires, Go Pro, Acerbis, Rockwell, Risk Racing, Braking, Lifeproof, and Twin Air!
  1. So basically does anyone know what bend of Renthals is closest to the bend that comes stock on the '10 CRF250R? I really liked the stock bars and got used to them. Also as far as clamps go what do you guys recommend that is found on BTO sports. Thanks
  2. TylerMX367

    Who has the nicest Kawasaki?

    A new front number plate..
  3. TylerMX367

    Why does anyone ride a 4 stroke

    Lets just all agree that we love dirt bikes and hate quads.
  4. Haha yeah I just wish they didn't care much about us when were sitting in a stand on opening day.
  5. TylerMX367

    Perfect dirtbike truck

    My '97 4Runner has been a pain. Oil leaks. Paint on the hood and roof is completely screwed up from idk what. The radio antennae is basically broken, when you turn the car on the antennae gets stuck at a certain point and if you don't get out of the car and pull the rest of the antennae up it will just make a grinding sound for about 10 seconds. Now for the interior, the leather wore at an insane amount and a piece of seat foam from the passenger seat is completely gone..decided to get some seat covers. Also, the pull down visor thing on the drivers side is broken so when im driving i have to swing the visor around and let it sit close to the window. Needless to say, I do not want to own another Toyota. The 4Runner only has 256k miles on her. Now for my Chevys, ,my '91 S10 has 389,XXX miles on her. Got it for 3 grand and it has been an awesome little truck. Its great for hauling the bike to little local places and great for 2 people. Never had to do anything to the motor, it has been extremely reliable. Same for my 05 tahoe, extremely reliable. Still looks new. Im not hating on Yotas but just from this experience I wont own another. I know some people that love their Toyotas and are doing good with them! I just know from experience im a GM man.
  6. TylerMX367

    What first car/truck!?

    Sorry man im new to this..what is afm? Im a newbie
  7. Not really weird but one time I was flying down some trails out at Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point GA. and had a deer run out in front of me and just sit there, I immediately locked the brakes up and barely missed hitting the poor doe. Another time I was on one of the motocross tracks in the woods and a deer walked out on the track and I shut the bike off and she got within about 10 ft. of me which was pretty cool it was a chill deer haha!
  8. TylerMX367

    What first car/truck!?

    I have no idea man, doesn't make much sense considering the one im looking at is a crew cab.
  9. TylerMX367

    What first car/truck!?

    Thanks mate, will do! I like it a lott!
  10. TylerMX367

    What first car/truck!?

    Oh ok sorry about that I wasn't paying attention haha http://www.goldenmotorsonline.com/view/2008/White-2007-Chevrolet-Silverado%201500-in-Lexington-SC
  11. TylerMX367

    What first car/truck!?

    Hey man quick ? what do you think of this? http://www.goldenmotorsonline.com/pictures/2008
  12. TylerMX367

    Perfect dirtbike truck

    Sounds like you got it all planned out ahahaha
  13. TylerMX367

    Need practice partners - Georgia

    Yeah we rode Monroe Thursday and Durhamtown Saturday
  14. TylerMX367

    Need practice partners - Georgia

    Scrub n Dirt was so prime Thursday