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  1. It was a blast! 180 miles of great riding and a great group of people. My shoulder is still sore but I am sure nothing is broken
  2. cheff

    My new ride!

    Come on guys and gals give me some more hoohaasss!!!
  3. cheff

    My new ride!

    What do you guys think? I still have my XRL for the dirt and dual sport, but this guy is going to take me on a 4k mile trip this summer through the west US.
  4. cheff

    Dyna Beads!!

    I have tried EQUAL, and it sure does not like moisture. So you cant just use any air source. The Dynabeads work fine with moisture since they are ceramic and wont clump.
  5. cheff

    06 Te610

    You are scaring me! maybe I should wait another year, I know the XR will run another year, I just want more power!
  6. I commute every day on the 650L. It is an excellent bike in stop and go traffic. But now I am getting a TE610. It think it will be much better than the L in stop and go traffic since it has almost double the hp and same slim design.
  7. cheff

    06 Te610

    Most my friends ride street bikes, and when things get twisty even with knobies I stay ahead of them. Freeway is another story they just take off. And this is on a xr650l, with the TE610 you should have no problem keeping up. I can not wait to get mine
  8. cheff


    I have ridden through that kind of dust in Edom hill area. Some are so deep, your bike will sink to the frame in the stuff. Once one goes through, you have to wait a minute or 2 before you can see anything and take the bath of dust your self.
  9. cheff

    who uses roll chart holders ?

    I have one, I had to drill some holes and use some bolts to hold the cover on. Used some silicone to seal it. It is now water proof as well.
  10. cheff

    Makes you think...

    Amen brother!
  11. cheff

    SMTS Ride

    I love the SMTS let me know when you want to do it north in to Idlywild. I have done the south part many times, but would love to ride through Palomar mt and up to Idlywild. It might be to cold at this time of the year to do that part though.
  12. cheff

    BIG truck!!!

    Its a ford, I am trying to get a link to the company that makes them look like that.
  13. cheff

    Luggage carrying TE 610

    I am sure the http://www.wolfmanluggage.com/ will fit and look great. I already have a couple of their bags that I use with the L. I will be using them with the Husky when I trade the L in.
  14. cheff

    Thinking of trading XR650L

    Thats why if I get rid of the 650L, the new one has to be just as capable if not more so in the dirt. I do the 2 days dual sport rides, but on those you are sitting up, changing your riding position constantly. Its the long straight red line freeway rides that are killing me on the Honda.
  15. cheff

    Thinking of trading XR650L

    I rode the XR 300 miles this weekend, my but is sore, my shoulders are sore, knees, arms etc all sore. To make it more interesting there were 35mph winds and it was raining hard. I think for the longer rides will need to be made on an adventure type bike. The XR is and I think the TE610 will be very hard on the body on the long 1 day rides. I think I will still trade the XR for the TE and get an adventure type bike in the next couple of years. The TE will still be a great commuter, and fun in the dirt. I am young enough to handle the long nasty rides on the TE till I get an adventure style bike.