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  1. I would’ve guessed you were a stay at home mom. All joking aside.. two strokes are very simple to work on. I rebuilt my first motor with a 100 piece kobalt tool kit from Home Depot. If you aren’t going to have that welded, then I strongly suggest that you take my advise on the insert washer. Cheers
  2. Since you’re so lazy, your best bet is to go buy an insert washer and JB weld it in there.
  3. Why waste money on tubliss when you run 16-18 psi?
  4. gabe_k

    YZ Restoration by P841

    Bryan and his wife both passed in that tragic accident. Slash x is one of the most unique bars I have ever been to. We’ve done 100’s of laps around Barstow racing Offroad.. I make it a point to visit slash x and the California 200 monument every time I’m out there!
  5. gabe_k

    WR450F rim work with YZ250X hub?

    For $125, you really cant beat Tusk's rim and spoke kit. They tend to always be out of stock though, I waited 3 months before I placed my order.
  6. Anodizing fades and cannot be fixed unless you re anodize.. I'm not sure what the dirt stains look like, but I imagine that the wheels are loosing their color.
  7. gabe_k

    YZ Restoration by P841

    The ol lady(nurse) says she wants to see more pics! Did the doc ever confirm if it was s recluse bite? Glad it’s getting better! Infections are no joke
  8. gabe_k

    First rebuild started

    Love to follow these kind of threads! You will learn so much about your bike, it’ll blow you away. But, it can get costly. Build it the way you want it. Not some lowballer on cl.
  9. gabe_k

    18" rear wheel Excel A60 build

    I just bought the tusk 18” wheel and spoke set for $125. Best bang for your buck
  10. gabe_k

    YZ Restoration by P841

    Doc, get well soon! Us two stoke nerds still need your wisdom!
  11. I will have to check that out. How much are you wanting for it?