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  1. New tires always look skinnier. Also overinflating gives this look.
  2. Thanks Eddie. Didnt want to beat the proverbial dead horse but u answered the exact way i was looking for!!
  3. If i were to do only the hi comp piston, wd i see a nice diff with no other changes? Not seeing a massive change w remaps in Tx on 2013 s that ive ridden. Shd i do the RH head work as well w the piston?? What hi comp piston is best and will it effect reliability?? Ive heard aftermkt piston failure and usually go oem for this reason.
  4. Thats awesome!! Thanks Eddie!! Whats the cheapest interface to use to flash my ecu w this info?? Has anyone used it??
  5. I agree on stator but also check for freeflowing petcock, clean filter, and make sure ur overflows are drained. Also plug may be bad
  6. Ron i have the 07 and the 13 sitting in my garage. Any way to make my 13 as brutal and have same delivery as my 07?? Hoping just head mods and porting w stock piston on pump gas will do this. Not seeing too much diff w a remap
  7. Yes. As above states, use the 14 mm. It takes me abt 10 sec and u get a gd feel of how tight they shd b. they usually set and quit loosening a few rides into a new sprocket but make it part of ur preride
  8. Always check sproket bolts every ride. If they get loose it will shear the hub. 2choices. Get a old hub and use a spacer.... Or get a new 13 hub. But its not the bikes fault. These need constant maintainance.
  9. Put a filter under ur cap. It shd stop a lot of the dirt in the system
  10. Also wd like to add that out several frnds that also have the 13 none have had issues w forks. I rarely see a dif in pressure when in garage. It does go up during moto but when it cools, the pressure goes to normal.
  11. Had to reply bc i have the 07 and 13 in my garage. Also had the 09. All are great and the 07 is so good that i kept it and sold the 09 and bought the 13. Have holeshot and won on all bikes the 13 is an amazing package. It feels lighter than the 07 and stock it has more power than the 09. The 07 is def explosive but the 13 makes all the others feel vintage. Refined is the best way to word it
  12. U may need to change the fibers since they have been drenched in moly. I wd buy all new plates and prob springs as well and run a regular honda tranny oil without moly. Ur prob shd be gone. Im sure other things can be done but this wd be the best way to rid prob. Also i wd flush w a bit of gear oil just to make sure everything is out. May be an overkill but just my .02
  13. If u want a title u will pay arnd 8k. I k ow u can get one in Oklahoma for 7500 but it wont have a title. I paid 8000 for mine from Dallas TX
  14. Was just messin with ya. Gets dry here sometimes lol
  15. Hey. Just in case u missed it.... Start there and if it feels soft go stiffer. Backing the H/S balances the chassis out as well as the sag which takes a load off the front. 38-40 psi seems like a lot of air but what ever works. Don't make big changes in air pressure. Go 1 or 2 psi at a time, that way you don't miss your window.
  16. As stated above check the fuel filter and the fuel pump. Theres a good youtube on it
  17. The 09 harness is def diff. The bike has finicky electrical system and ive changed all components including the tb and ecu and harness. The harness was the cheapest and I def advise buying and installing a new 09 system on ur 09. Also make sure not to mix up the tps and map sensor plugs. A slight mess up can fry the tb
  18. Awesome groves. Wasnt trying to pee in your cereal. This is just the well of knowledge and now i know!! Cheers
  19. Sounds awesome but i heard that the ti parts on factory bikes have a very short lifespan because ti tends to get brittle over time and then break. Can someone confirm this??
  20. Amazing when u overjump a big jump. Was so ready for some wrist trauma lol. Ive had em bottom, but way more resistant than my other crfs
  21. Can u get the chinese radiators thru a usa retailer? It wd be nice to not have to send money to china and prob have to wait long. Wdnt mind paying a bit more for quicker options. Thanks
  22. Add ons dont do much. Sold mine in Dallas Tx on craigslist in 2 hrs listed it for 3200. There were a few for 3500 but wanted mine gone
  23. I totally agree. I kept my 07 and sold my 09 bc i tht the 7was the best ever. I think the 13 is way better and im very honest when it comes to assesment.... And its way closer to the 07,08 than the 09 was. That simple remap and slip on breathes fire in it. I like mine stock There were 10 13s at the track this past wknd and the one guy that didnt like it was complaining abt the forks building pressure thru a moto
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