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    Riding my drz when i have free time
  1. MtnRyder25

    Big Bore / Hot Cams

    I ordered the 30 dollar clymers... I have read the head TQ value is wrong... Other than that should I be expecting any other major differences between clymers and OEM? Clymers should get me through the BB/cam install well enough right?
  2. MtnRyder25

    Big Bore / Hot Cams

    Any objections to the clymers manual? 30 bucks sounds much better than 80!
  3. MtnRyder25

    Big Bore / Hot Cams

    Webs cam sounds nice but for more money I think I'll stick with hot cams... Not looking to race just want some more power out of the old pig... what are the characteristics of the stage 1 and 2 hotcams and if I mixed them together such as stage 1 intake with stage 2 exhaust ECT... So the 400 is about as good a price as I will be able to find?
  4. MtnRyder25

    Big Bore / Hot Cams

    Questions questions and more questions.... Ok just to start yes i know there is a search feature but lets be honest we all want our questions answered personally so please just help if you can dont direct me to the search button... Background- Havent been on here in a while.... unfortunately i lost the motivation to ride last year and did not get out much toward the end of the year... but i plan on changing that as soon as the weather warms up! i want to get out on my bike a lot more this year! I have a 2013 drz400 sm. Mods so far are 3x3 air box, 39mm fcr, mrd/ssw exhaust. Obviously with the way its gong the next step is going to be hot cams and big bore or both at the same time... i was considering just hot cams but with it being right around tax season i am thinking i might just go ahead and get the whole kit and caboodle... Now to all the questions sorry they probably wont be in any kind of order as i am just going to type them as i think about them... 1. The cw 434 bb is the norm that everyone goes with right, from the one or 2 threads i have seen it will not change the reliability of the bike will it? 2. https://www.amazon.com/Cylinder-Works-41001-K01-Big-Bore/dp/B0018EMROE is this the kit i should be looking at? will this be everything i need minus the hot cams? 3. Which hot cams are recommended i know they produce different effects when you mix and match them a description of each would be good and i can determine what direction i would like to go with them.. 4. what is the difference going to be? as i said i already have the fcr and mrd ssw the reason im looking at bb is because i feel like i wont notice a difference with doing just hotcams... what would be a good rough estimate of HP gained from BB and hotcams? 5. is there any cheaper places to look? looks like on amazon ill be around 650-700 for both BB and hotcams? i dont really want to waste a lot of time searching around and waiting for deals on ebay or anything... rather just be able to order it and have it shipped as soon as i order... 6. im going to start some searching and reading of threads after posting this but what all is required for install? im no mechanic but i like working on my on things as opposed to having shops do or claim to do things for me lol i have friend who is a mechanic that i can get to help me... is this something we can install in an afternoon and expect to ride when done? 7. back to the big decision is there anyone that would suggest hot cams being fine for now and BB at a later date or should i just go ahead and bite the bullet and do them both together? 8. is there a suggested battery that is best for turning over the 434 BB? that is something i have let fail on the bike and im not sure if charging the stock battery will revive it so i was considering a new battery and the local shop deals bike master trugel batteries is this sufficent for the big bore or should i get a better battery in anticipation for the BB? More questions to come im sure! thanks in advance for the help!
  5. MtnRyder25

    noob in need of advise for MRD and rejetting

    https://youtu.be/VtKWbs0N5lo Pretty easy even if you aren't mechanically inclined... Just take your time ..
  6. MtnRyder25

    Koso RX2 + Koso speed converter settings

    O boy! A koso thread!!! I saw this and fell in love... I want to get the rx2 as well hopefully for Christmas... Questions questions questions.... Mounting it... Is it able to mount right up or did you modify a bracket? Is the wiring plug and play or what? Is the gas gauge able to be modified to work for the drz??? I'm sue I have plenty more as I look into it more but these 3 questions are my main ones for now
  7. I see it is around 400 bucks! Is it modified so the fuel gauge works? Not that it matters I go by mileage anyway... Might be a good Christmas gift in my future
  8. That dash is killer!!! Anybody have a reason not to change the stock sm dash for this one? I love it!
  9. MtnRyder25

    Looking to buy drz400sm

    Wanted a drz400 sm for a couple years and when I was ready to buy they just so happened to be bringing it back for 2013... One look at the blue rims and I was in love!
  10. MtnRyder25

    Looking to buy drz400sm

    I think I disagree with you... The 2013 looked the best lol
  11. MtnRyder25

    Looking to buy drz400sm

    For 800 more get the newer one it already had the fcr on it!
  12. MtnRyder25

    Cool aggressive front fender?

    Acerbis fender looks awesome after you cut the duck bill off the front of it... In my opinion...
  13. MtnRyder25

    Will modding void suzuki warranty?

    Other than the 3x3 mod the carb and pipe can be put back to stock before you make a warranty claim if you even end up needing to...
  14. MtnRyder25

    I joined the club guys!

    You have got to do us all a favor and contact the previous owner one last time... We need to get to the bottom of this lol it's killing me!
  15. MtnRyder25

    I joined the club guys!

    That's the acct and it's not an 07 ... That is either a 13 or 14