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  1. Mikepagjr

    Is this going to leak? (Picture)

    Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Mikepagjr

    Is this going to leak? (Picture)

    Whats it called specifically? I'll go to the hardware store and pick it up. My old, leaky cover had a more serious crack. It was slowly leaking when I had my OEM clutch cover, which was also cracked. When I installed a new boyesen clutch cover (to try and fix the leak, I thought the problem was only with the clutch cover), it started leaking even more. What does "stone" mean?
  3. Just bought a new right crankcase cover to replace my old, leaky one. My dad dropped a punch on the new one by accident while I was at work, chipping it. The chip looks minor though and is located at the top. It's very, very small. Look hard at the picture! Will it leak?
  4. Mikepagjr

    New to me 02 CR250, couple of issues

    I love my 2002. She's a screamer for sure
  5. Mikepagjr

    My latest purchase- 1995 CR 250R

    I love the font of "CR" and the "250R" too, along with the gas tank graphics. It just screams "I'm a violent arm-wripping rocketship, get out of the way!"
  6. Mikepagjr

    My latest purchase- 1995 CR 250R

    That purple looks badass.
  7. This build thread is awesome I'm currently restoring my cr250, just spent $1400 in parts. That aluminum cleaner is a very useful discovery.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to check into this...how's it loading for everyone else? Not a bad idea! I may put that on there
  9. Hey guys. I just finished the basic framework of my new website. www.onlymotovibes.com The goal of the site is to promote our sport with awesome content. Right now, there's three parts to it. blog - A blog where I, and other authors soon to come, post up some cool stuff. vibe feed - A place where everyone posts up their most memorable experiences and stories for the world to see. artwork - If you 're an artist and you have some dirt bike-related art, post it up on the site! So, I need your help getting the site off the ground! Go in and spend 5 minutes submitting a "vibe" for the Vibe Feed! If you have any artwork, take a picture and upload it to the site! Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or critiques for the site don't hesitate to tell me. If you think I'm stupid and crazy that's fine too. If you're a writer and want to join my team and be one of the authors for the blog, let's team up! The site is in infancy now. There's a lot more on the way! www.onlymotovibes.com
  10. Mikepagjr

    2002 CR250 Total Refresh

    Considering doing a total refresh for my 02 CR250. The bike is 12 years old at this point. I just wanted some input on what I've priced out so far. Ok! So I need a new top end. Getting my cylinder replated at Millenium. Purchasing OEM piston, wrist pin, bearing, clips. Purchasing bearings for the bike. (steering head, both wheels, shock, linkage, swingarm.) Purchasing fork rebuild kit + tools to do it the CORRECT way + oil. purchasing shock rebuild kit w/ shock spanner wrench. Purchasing OEM radiator shrouds for a fresh look. Replacing my cracked clutch cover with a boyeson clutch cover. Purchasing new brake pads + changing brake fluid + installing steel lines Didn't include it in the cart, but new sprockets and chain. TOTAL PRICE ~$1000. Questions: Is there ANYTHING unreasonable or not needed for a genuine refresh here? Is there ANYTHING I forgot to include for a refresh here? (clutch and bottom end in the motor are fine.) Is this PRICE reasonable? Can I save money somewhere else? (motosport.com) I was going to use their price match guarantee and get them to match prices from partzilla. Any advice you want to give me? This is a big purchase. BikeMaster Fork Cap Wrench 46mm50mm In Stock $25.99 Bel-ray Fork Oil 1 Liter 5W In Stock HAZARDOUS ITEM - Must Ship Ground $14.99 Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullets Single 47mm In Stock $4.99 Ratio Rite Measuring Cup In Stock $5.99 BikeMaster Shock Spanner Wrench In Stock $8.99 BEARING, CONNECTING ROD SMALLE FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 91015-KZ3-003 In Stock $12.91 CLIP, PISTON PIN (1.2X18) FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 90601-430-000 In Stock $4.38 Boyesen Clutch Cover FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Black Earns $5 in Fast Cash! In Stock $89.99 JOINT, EX. PIPE FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 18351-KZ3-L20 In Stock $27.87 PAD SET, FR. FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 45105-MY6-415 In Stock $35.18 PAD SET, RR. FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 06435-KZ4-J41 In Stock $29.87 PIN, PISTON FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 13111-KSK-730 In Stock $12.53 PISTON B FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 13102-KSK-670 In Stock $79.12 RING SET, PISTON (STD) FITS: 2002 Honda CR250 13011-KZ3-306 In Stock $39.27 Pivot Works Steering Stem Bearing Kit FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 In Stock HAZARDOUS ITEM - Must Ship Ground $44.99 Pivot Works Swing Arm / Shock / Linkage Bearing Combo FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Linkage: Linkage/Shock Bearing Kit Swingarm: Swing Arm Bearing Kit Shock: Shock Bearing Kit Earns $5 in Fast Cash! In Stock $179.99 Pivot Works Wheel Bearing Kit FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Front In Stock $29.99 Pivot Works Wheel Bearing Kit FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Rear In Stock $24.99 Next Shipment Expected to ship on Thursday, January 8th Quantity Each Total Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Earns $5 in Fast Cash! Available - Requires 2-4 Business Days to Ship from Our Warehouse $74.99 Pivot Works Shock Repair Kit FITS: 2002 HONDA CR250 Earns $5 in Fast Cash! Available - Requires 5-7 Business Days to Ship from Our Warehouse $89.99 SHROUD SET, L. RADIATOR (TYPE1 FITS: 2003 Honda CR250 19072-KZ3-J50ZA Expected to Ship in 4-7 Days $59.90 SHROUD SET, R. RADIATOR (TYPE1 FITS: 2003 Honda CR250 19071-KZ3-J50ZA Expected to Ship in 4-7 Days $59.90
  11. Mikepagjr

    Rotella for the win....

    There's something fishy about this thread. Someone give me the honest answer, is this oil safe to use as two stroke gear oil? Looking for a cheaper alternative
  12. Whenever I go to my local track, or harescrambles, I see travel buses and other rigs set up for a lifestyle of riding and traveling. To me, it seems that these guys travel around to the motocross tracks of the country (USA). Obviously, you can't do this through the confines of a 9-5 job. Hopefully some travelers are on here, and I have a few questions for you: How do I get started? What avenues for earning income can I use when on the road? What are the biggest challenges you face? I want to start out with my truck and a mid sized used toy hauler. Nothing fancy.
  13. Looking for figures of how big the dirt bike industry is, including but not limited to, sales volume, estimates, audience numbers, demographics, etc. All aspects of dirt bikes, too. Motocross, supercross, freestyle, off road, trials, parts, upgrades, OEM stuff, anything you can think of that has to do with an off road motorcycle! Any help / responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. The more I think about it the more I think that the culprit was lean mixture and improper air filtration. Let me put it this way. my brother's yz125 gives more resistance when pushing down the kickstart lever than my cr250