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  1. skidsteer

    Honda XL500R (1982)


    converting to flat tracker
  2. skidsteer

    Honda XL500R 1982

    converting to flat tracker
  3. skidsteer

    Honda XL500S 1981

    under resto
  4. skidsteer

    Honda XL500S (1981)


    under resto
  5. Read my mind man thats gold!
  6. skidsteer

    Just bought a 03' cr250.. Now what?

    Yeah, listen to frdbtr. Take your pipe off, take off the stock exhaust flange. The shape of the exhaust port on the head does not match the exhaust flange, the boyesen one does. The boyesen flange has two thin shitty little o rings. I machined mine to accept the thicker oem single o ring. Apart from that it is a work of art that smooths out exhaust gas flow helping low end power.
  7. skidsteer

    Just bought a 03' cr250.. Now what?

    YES air box mod from MXBONZ is a must
  8. skidsteer

    2001 cr250 fuel octane help

    I use 100LL avgas with motol oil at 40:1 in a 04 cr 250 and 06 cr85rb. Avgas will store for a long time without 'going off' like mogas does, and is a tad safer having lower fumes. My Dad sometimes has to offload fuel to take fatties for a fly and brings home jerry cans. Country airfields should sell it to you if you have cash and an approved fuel container.
  9. skidsteer

    04 cr250 powervalve mod...

    I dont reckon these servo motors like water blasters either, theyre not real waterproof.
  10. skidsteer

    JD Jetting Jet Kit

    Smoother power delivery, easier starting, info good
  11. skidsteer

    Boyesen Rad Valve

    Well made , easy fit, helps mid range power
  12. skidsteer

    Boyesen Power X-Ring

    Seems to allow smoother low end power pick up to mid then top end
  13. skidsteer

    Need a new power band

    I purchased the Orange powerband for my Ct 110 postie bike. It came with rubber o ringed underpants and velcro waist to keep all the fear and excitement in.
  14. skidsteer

    CRF or CR125 possibly replace my 2003 CR250 Swingarm?

    Just to add my two cents, my '04 CR250 had a badly damaged swing-arm where the previous owner allowed the chain to cut through the slider and in to swing arm seal and bearings. A new one was going to be big bucks. After reading what you guys have said previously, I took a gamble with the 52200 part number and went with a swing-arm off an '05 CRF250X from a bike wrecker. It's on the CR now, it fitted perfectly with the exact same screw holes and all. Thanks to you all.
  15. skidsteer

    Honda XR80 1979

    good learner