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    riding, working on truck, hanging out with friends, and of coarse, girlfriend

    17 or 18 tooth countershaft sprocket

    dont know, havent ridden it yet. ill try to get it goin again soon and post what the GPS says. Garrett

    17 or 18 tooth countershaft sprocket

    18 up front and i think im down 2 or 3 teeth in the rear right now. tak 106 with a ported race head and VM24. its just a desert/river bike thats supposed to get a turbo. Garrett

    17 or 18 tooth countershaft sprocket

    here's my 18 tooth i got from Terry at Firepower. i had to change the shaft to the old style but that didnt bother me at all. Garrett
  4. I have been looking for the last few days and couldnt find anything. is there any place that sells a 17 or 18 tooth countershaft sprocket? i read that a 17 barely fits and an 18 needs some grinding, which is not a problem. Garrett

    Yamaha how much power

    my friend has an '04 yfz450 with KnN, Trinity pipe, cam mod, and a Dyna FS engine module. it was jetted on a dyno and made 50hp. he wants to step up and add a hi-comp piston, hot cams(or other aftermarket cams), and maybe port and polish the head. so, with... -K&N -Trinity pipe -hi-comp piston -cams -maybe port and polish what kind of horsepower increase is he going to be looking at? maybe close to 56-58hp total? does that sound right? does anybody have a combo like this, what kind of power are you making? also, what are some other good cams that you would recommend looking at compared to hot cams? thanks for all the help in advance. Garrett

    Neutral switch wire

    can i put that on my '00 YZ426? on the link you provided there was no listing of what bikes it could be used on.

    yz426 hp on dyno?

    what is the Ron Hamp intake mod?

    Advantages? Hinson Clutch and Basket in 2000 YZ426?

    i would think that the hinson is also stronger than stock. at least i would hope so, seeing as how i blew my stock basket up last year. cracked it in half and broke like 6 fingers off of it. maybe one of these days i will get pictures of what is left of it. i have a tusk clutch plate kit in my '00 yzf and it works great. i have 3 rides on it(3 weekends, 2 at ocotillo and 1 at glamis) and it is still working great. a lot less than stock too.

    yz 426 front sprocket removal

    definately either an impact gun or a breaker bar with a hammer. CRFthumper has it correct.
  10. SSpeeDEMONSS

    What plug......

    i believe that the CR#E series plugs are the same size. the number just designates the heat range. not positive but thats what i thought i was told. i only used to run a CR8E, but i tried a CR7E at glamis this weekend and i liked it. im going to try an 8 at glamis next time and see how it compares. hope that helps.
  11. SSpeeDEMONSS

    bottom end seized, again!

    well it's approaching a year since that happened. i never pulled the motor. never disassembled it. i only ran 4 oil changes thru it within about an hour of eachother. i havent had a single problem since. runs great. just got back from a 4 day trip to glamis. pulls 4th all the way up the hill(olds) and then enough to blip the front end up for the last 80-100 feet or so. probably would have been better to pull it apart but i just didnt want to at the time. i will hopefully be stepping up to a 444 or maybe bigger soon. more power, here i come!
  12. SSpeeDEMONSS

    426..Bigger Displacement Options/Questions

    i also want to step up to 444 on my '00. it just needs more power at the dunes(definately noticable this past weekend at glamis). would i be able to run a 13.5:1 oversized piston with the big bore? i want to keep the compression up to make as much power as possible. if so, would it run on pump gas? that is a big concern. thanks.
  13. SSpeeDEMONSS

    breather tube mods

    you're referring to the breather tube coming out of the valve cover? why cant you just put a small filter on the end?
  14. SSpeeDEMONSS

    How of you guys are using K&N Filters

    several of my friends run K&Ns and one of them has been using them for 2-3 years, with no problems.
  15. SSpeeDEMONSS

    How of you guys are using K&N Filters

    i have one and it seems like the seal is fine on mine. haven't had any problems in the 9 or so months that ive had it. i just need to get an outerwear.