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  1. Positron007

    Noob ponderings

    Tyres, suspension, weight, gearing, torque, will all affect this. You can adjust for all of that by improving your technique and timing though.
  2. Positron007

    Ride Reports (CRF250L/M)

    Nice one
  3. Hello Positron007, I read so much, you use Motul 7100, what exactly? 10W30/40/50?


    I used 10w30 but is always clunky....

    I tought switch to 40 but is very expensive and I think it will clunky anyway.

    People who use cheap oil doesnt have problems (rotella, mobil1) WTF..

    I have now Castrol Power1 10w30 semi synth....

    I hope you can help me...


    PD: you had clunky shifting before?

  4. Positron007

    My Aussie Adventures On The CRF250L

    That really depends on what type of riding you do. If it is tight single track, the Beta is much better, if it is high speed desert then the CRF250L is much better. In the tight technical stuff the Honda is just too heavy and will fatigue you, if you ride all day with your buddies. If it weighed the same as the Beta, I would choose the Honda,
  5. Positron007

    My Aussie Adventures On The CRF250L

    Yeah it's a great bike. Haven't been riding too much though, need to look after my kids.
  6. Positron007

    ECM swap

    I've fitted cbr throttle body onto crf motor with crf ecu. I've also fitted complete cbr motor into crf. What exactly do you want to know?
  7. Positron007

    Think a 250L can handle a 120+ mile daily commute?

    Baah hahahaha
  8. Positron007

    Think a 250L can handle a 120+ mile daily commute?

    I've been on walk about fighting crocks and taipan snakes. Hahahaha
  9. Positron007

    The CRF305L owners thread

    You should be using high octane fuel. I never used anything less than 98RON. In the Philippines not sure whether you measure octane by RON or MON
  10. Positron007

    The CRF305L owners thread

    Could be the cam chain is loose.I use to get this loud crack sound but only on start up and only occasionally. Shortly after that the conrod broke in 2 pieces while doing 75mph. Good for a nice adrenaline rush. I would probably replace the cam chain and the tensioner and while you're at check for any cracks in the conrod.
  11. Positron007

    Think a 250L can handle a 120+ mile daily commute?

    Somewhere around 40000 miles.
  12. Positron007

    What's your "no BS" top speed?

    Haha. That one is even better.
  13. hiya, need to ask you a technical question if i can drop you a pm please

  14. Positron007

    Momma relented...maybe

    Nice work Old Goat. Gotta showem who is the boss.