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  1. Its on the clutch basket like its part of it i believe, well seems like one bike Piece
  2. Hey guys, for some reason i broke 2 teeth off my basket, probably by kickstarting it too hard.. Anyways these things aint cheap. My bike is a 250sx 2014. The basket part number is 54832024044 I found a cheap basket from a 2014 250sxf on ebay; part number is different : 77232001073 Im looking at the pics on ebay and they really do look alike, do you guys think it will fit? Thanks
  3. Yeah thats a good habit! I always leave it on. I will get into the habit it closing it! Thanks guys!
  4. Little update.. i took the carb apart, and played a little with the float and everything is good, not looking the overflow anymore! But what can cause gaz to leak into the intake?? Thankss:)
  5. Ahh i see, so then i will order that part
  6. I have pulled the vavle and it looked good and pointy!
  7. Then if i have tried that and air doesnt go through its not that seal then?
  8. Yeah i see the diagram, but when it was off the bike it was moving very freely dont think that is the problem
  9. Thanks, i did the fuel line blow test to set the float and when it was closed i couldnt let air through, can this still be the needle vavle seal? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I took apart my carb during the winter to change the jets in my carb. First ride i go out the bike doesnt start.. A lot of fuel was in the engine.. no big deal i burnt it with a lighter and turned the engine over a few times. 2nd ride same thing!! Plus the bike leaks from the over flow slowly in my garage.. So today i took the carb off, cleaned everything and made sure the float was good, i actually made the float sit a bit lower. I put everything back together, turn on the fuel and fuel just keeps pouring out the bowl over flow tube... wtf? Any help would help Thanks
  11. Ok thanks ill put the pilot back to 42, as for the suzuki needle a lot of people have been saying NEJC but it is lean as some say. Other say to try the NEDH
  12. Also i had to screw the idle screw all the way in before for it to idle correctly and not die, what can cause this?
  13. Hey guys! Finally got the new jets which i ordered. So this is what im thinking of trying; Was; 160 main jet - 42pilot N1EG pos.4 Now; 170 main jet 45pilot N1EH pos 3 The bike felt good bottom end but i will still try the 45 pilot, as the needle, after my engine failure i put a 160 main jet and N1EG needle, the needle was too rich and i feel like the main jet was still a little lean, i fouled a plug once and i believe it is because of the needle as well as i felt it gargle a bit when holding it 3/4 throttle, so i will try the stock N1EH needle but 1 position richer than stock (3 instead of 4) and a 170 main which some people run but i am scared of being way to rich. Also i am in Quebec Canada 0 sea level or maybe 100m above, bike is a 250sx 2014 like stated before. Thanks for the input.
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