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  1. Those are tough bikes. If the cylinder checks out, just cross hatch it with the new piston rings and such. Also you need to ensure the stator is clean, I used to have to clean all parts on my IT's to ensure running good with spark. Clean the exhaust out like mentioned before, clean carb, and new air filter. Should bring a large smile to your face. If budget allows, change reeds as well just to cover all bases. You might look for a carb rebuild kit with gaskets, but at least put new jets in it. I forget the jetting, but generally on all the IT's I went up 1 or 2 on the main. I also always went 1 sixe bigger on counter shaft sprocket for better power spread.
  2. Jekel

    Inline fuel filter

    Yes, but lots of dirt, dust and bugs in the woods:-)
  3. Jekel

    Inline fuel filter

    yes. works great
  4. Jekel

    Quick question

    What said above!!
  5. Jekel

    Numb thumbs

    It could be grip selection as well. I have always had to go back to the older Oury type of grip. These newer big name grips just make my hands hurt????
  6. Jekel

    2018 300 xcw jd jet kit setup for race tomorrow...

    just follow the JD instructions and you will be happy. May just need to tweak the air screw 1/4 turn either way.
  7. Jekel

    4cs budget build help

    I have done a MX Tech revalve (with new valve) kit years ago on a Yamaha and instructions were great. It was much easier than I ever imagined, just go slow and follow the instructions. I would have no problem getting one of their kits and doing it myself again. The Race Tech kits look as good with instructions, but when I got this kit I had someone install it and shorten my suspension at the same time.
  8. Jekel

    96 250 exc, worth owning?

    I had a 96 and it was a great bike overall. I would get another just to have it. Mine was a 300 and the forks were great for woods and trail riding. The only reason for getting rid of it was the 4 stroke itch. But now back on 2S and love it.
  9. Also with this much difficulty, I would look and feel for any possible burs where the seals are sliding. I have never had to heat tubes, but have used a rubber mallet a few times (on pvc) to drive the seals in. I believe I did find a but at one time years ago on older forks I sanded out.
  10. Jekel

    Bike vibrates more after jetting change??

    does it vibrate more riding it or idle on a stand.
  11. Jekel

    2018 XCW

    I had the same decision when I shopped for new in 2014. I opted for the 250 since it was $1000 cheaper and for that money I could change it to a 300 if I felt compelled. Have to say I do not miss power anywhere with the 250 and the 'zippier' power is fun. She will still lug down like I need and does all I need. The bike outperforms me, plus I had extra money for the mods saving the initial $1000. I still do not see a need to increase it to a 300, would do other mods to improve power if needed.
  12. Jekel

    Bike vibrates more after jetting change??

    Any results yet?
  13. Jekel

    My Build log,short version:-) Pic heavy

    Looks excellent and built the way you want!!! Cant wait to see it with graphics.
  14. Jekel

    02 ktm 300exc clutch issues

    Does the bike drive good when clutch is not engaged? If so, bleed again and check for any potential catches on the engagement rod. If of course the basket is not notched.