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  1. Ktmracing213


    Same problem 00 300 exc just died and won't start-up again. No spark.
  2. Friend just bought an older 400, found out it has a stripped sprocket gaurd/ slave bolt. Tried some Teflon and new bolts no luck. Ideas Pic
  3. Thank god for old ktm's just filed my 300 basket, probably won't last long. Great info
  4. Accident was on 11/16/14. I'm just starting to ride again. Slow.
  5. Wired it up. 6 hour emergency surgery. You lucked out. Worst pain of my life.
  6. Also oem 250 pistons were cast, the athena is forged.
  7. Vertex probably doesn't make one as they don't for my 300 exc of the same year. I went athena and I'm really impressed. Maybe 200 hrs on mine.
  8. Same problem 2000 300 exc here, was told clutch noise was common on the old iron
  9. When I tore my bike down last year when I bought it, the thing still had the stock piston from Austria in 2000. It had gone 15 plus years on the stock for piston. It was still running great. it's the life of a lugger. I'm probably way over 100 hrs on my new top end no sign of significant wear yet. New plating and piston look great still. Feels like new.
  10. One of the best looking 98- 00 300s.
  11. My 2000 300 exc went 15 years on a stock piston. Yeah they are reliable. I believe it has a lot to do with care and regular maintenance like anything else. The 144's are finicky as hell IMHO. Jetting the 300 can be a chore but there is so much information on the site I don't stress.
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