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  1. DougH614

    Any news/updates on quicktrack in lakeland

    aedwards did you ever ride the old track? If not whats your comparision. The lap time on the new track is almost 2min. for average rider. He's going to put a few chicanes in the lengthen the time on it. It's the same owners as the old track. As far as riding weekends. Mainly on race weekends the county is giving him 14 event days per yr. then very few open riding days from there. Mainly will be invite only the rest of the yr.
  2. DougH614

    Video of Reed on a Kaw

    looks like chad is still trying to walk in James' shoes
  3. DougH614

    MXoN qualifiers

    yea thats sounds like we'll be top 10 at least. get ready for MXDN FLOP
  4. DougH614

    Ryan capes does it again

    the bike is a Mitch payton special.
  5. DougH614

    Supercross Ryan capes does it again

    He rips 316ft ramp to ramp, check out racer x http://www.racerxonline.com/article/ryan-capes-breaks-ramp-to-ramp-motorcycle-distance-record.aspx
  6. DougH614

    Chad Reed backflip?

    the reason he did it was because james wasn't there, just like the outdoor series
  7. DougH614

    09 MXDN Team

    FLMX, it's not gonna matter if dungey is on the 250 or 450, The point is they did a bad job picking the team this yr. and to be accurate the US team is gonna get smacked. Will be lucky to podium.
  8. DougH614

    so who is your Motocross of Nations team USA?

    we're screwed
  9. DougH614

    09 MXDN Team

  10. DougH614

    Supercross 09 MXDN Team

    well we gonna lose the the title this yr. this is one of the weakest tems I've seen in yrs. we have 1 out of 3 that we need, DUNGEY 250 - Great, Weimer 250- so-so, Tedesco, 450 - no good, we're screwed
  11. DougH614

    D-Town Sept 26-29th

    Will be there all weekend, 5-6 guys making the trek up there. hope some more can make the trip
  12. DougH614

    D-town Weekend of the Spet 26th

    yes to all of the above
  13. DougH614

    D-town Weekend of the Spet 26th

    sorry double post
  14. DougH614

    D-town Weekend of the Spet 26th

    We ahve about 10-12 guys going that weekend, who else is in?
  15. DougH614

    Lakeland QuickTrack is now closed

    They haven't found any land yet, They're still looking. I wouldn"expect to hear anything about an opening until sometime next yr.