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  1. mxjeff575

    Chest protector to protect transplanted kidney

    Also check out TekVest (tekrider.com).
  2. mxjeff575

    2017 300xc Acerbis fitment question

    Any word on when they will have a skid plate for the 17 300XC ?
  3. I keep e-mailing Cylinder Works, but they do not have a kit for the 16's yet and it sounds like it's not at the top of the to-do list. I might have to have Harris Performance make me one. Let us know how yours turns out.
  4. mxjeff575

    350 vs 390

    Interesting that the 390 has the longest stroke of any of the 4 engines.
  5. mxjeff575

    Tube Saddle reviews?

    I've popped one rear Equilibrium and one front Goldentyre GT216 90/100 (the fat tire) while running the Tube Saddles. I'm still using them, but they are not 100% flat proof.
  6. mxjeff575

    Dead engine starts on Beta 4-strokes

    Yep, the right hand side inlet valve was tight. I'm also ordering a much stronger battery. Will report back when it's back together.
  7. mxjeff575

    Dead engine starts on Beta 4-strokes

    Good info, thanks Chris. I ran 12V from the battery thru a switch and landed it on the load side of the main coil, thinking this would "prime" it, but it did nothing. The ECU must have some logic or something I'm missing. Hopefully I can find this info. Surely the Factory Beta 4-stroke racers are not dead last on every start.
  8. mxjeff575

    Dead engine starts on Beta 4-strokes

    I'm trying to figure out how to wire in a switch to "turn on the ecu" so that it will fire on the first revolution rather than like the 5th revolution. So far, i have been practically dead last into the first turn at the few hare scrambles i have raced this year. My carbed KTM290F would fire on the first kick/button.
  9. mxjeff575

    Dead engine starts on Beta 4-strokes

    It seems like it has to spin over a few times before it will start. I am trying to figure out how to wire up a switch to turn on the ecu and prime the fuel pump (This was mentioned in the recent Dirt Rider article on dead engine starts). Does anyone know any details of how to do this on the Beta's ? thanks
  10. mxjeff575

    Seeing stars

    Well after googling this a bit more yesterday, I went to the ER to get a CT scan just to be safe - everything checked out fine. I looked very closely at my Leatt 6.5 Carbon helmet last nite, and I can see damage to the Styrofoam, in the area I felt the impact, so I hit hard enough for the helmet to do it's job (and go to the retired helmet display shelf). Evidently "seeing stars" or having "colors change" in your vision is a hard enough hit that it qualifies as a low grade concussion.
  11. mxjeff575

    2016 300 RR brake pads

    I noticed my rear pads were kinda thin, so I stole the almost new rear brake pads off of my 2014 YZ125 and put them on my Beta 390. FYI.
  12. mxjeff575

    Seeing stars

    On the last lap of a hare scramble yesterday, I hit an unseen limb on the top left of my helmet. It was a hard smack, and I saw lots of stars very vividly for about 10 seconds. Once they went away, I didn't noticeably feel much different and I finished the race. Did I do any damage?
  13. mxjeff575

    Pain killer if you crash off-road

    Yes, I carry Percs in my Camelbak bag with my cellphone. If I do get injured badly in the woods, at least I will have something to take the edge off of the pain until I can get out of the woods and to the hospital. Unfortunately, had to use them for my brother once when he got injured. I was very glad I had something to help out a little bit until we could get him out of the woods and to the hospital.
  14. mxjeff575

    7mm ID Sachs shims - Where to get

    Thanks everyone for the help. I'm gonna try Afterhours. I'll post back what I find out. MM - I need to firm up both Comp and Reb a bit. I will post back what I end up doing. I saw your other thread with your stacks ! Thanks.
  15. Are there any places to buy 7mm ID shims for the Sachs forks? Thanks !