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  1. Johno33772

    LBJ Enduro

    Team Wanker will be representing ....last years event was awesome...this year it'll be even more fun! Looking forward!
  2. Johno33772

    New Bike 300 XC

    Talk to Jeff Slavens....don't forget they are a little lean....Jeff will give the best advice period!
  3. Johno33772

    Tampa Bay area riders

    We ahve Kids that ride / hang out with us at croom....we encourage the Kid deal...they are our future! Check out the Kiddie area Dono mentioned...they now sell a Day pass at Croom $15-00 per bike
  4. Johno33772

    Tampa Bay area riders

    Come out to Croom...
  5. Johno33772

    Tampa Bay area riders

    Check out Pines parking lot...a few od Wankers will be there Sat.
  6. Johno33772

    Croom, Sat. 29th (Last woods ride)

    Dono, Have fun , we're headed to Richloam on Sunday. Croom has been awesome lately with all the rain. Join us up in Highland Park for the weekend of the 4th...MX track at HP is primo! Cheers
  7. Johno33772

    RENTING SATELLITE PHONES - for your Baja travels

    I am prresent;y using a Inmarsat phone, paid $535 , now they are $600...inflation? $360 a year contract & gets me 12 minutes a month...$0,89 a minute there after + plus free Texts. I love having it as it allows me to go just about anywhere & when I make a call, everyone just assumes I am on my cell. Now I can travel without ever having to consider if I will get a signal on my cell. Cheers
  8. Johno33772

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    In the coming weeks we'll have another photoshoot at Croom....Cesar is the Master Jedi with a camera & takes some awesome shots. We'll post up for the next Wanker Photoshoot.... We also have a Facebook page "Team Wanker" where rides & bike related stuff is posted. Drop me a line / pm & I can add you to the page as we keep it members only to keep the spam down....bike related content no Porn please....Katie!
  9. Johno33772

    Wanker ride at Highland Park May 3rd - 5th

    I am in for Sat.....bring my Dad to meet you Slackers!!!
  10. Johno33772

    Cycra Probends CRM

    On my Fastways...they had the Cycra name on them...guess Cycra makes them for Fastway? As for being rigid..? Those Nylon Washers allow the Barkbuster to slide sideways in the mount. I cut my bars down & actually cut the sliding piece off & drill a regular hole in place of the slot provide by Fastway. Here's something very few consider when installing Barkbuster....look at the BB from the front of the bike from a kneeling position....as you look up at your Bars...notice how wide the BB extends outwards. When seated on the bike your BB look like "narrow", however you need to look from the kneeling position....take a look and you'll see what I mean...they "bulge" outwards...Some BB actually make your Bars wider..... John
  11. Johno33772

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Wanker ride at Highland Park 1st weekend of April...bring your A game....much fun to be had! should be a good bunch going this weekend! Everyone welcome
  12. Johno33772

    Florida Trail Riders (FTR)

    You are welcome to come, ride....race & talk BS...whatever turns you wheels...lol. We ride Croom a bunch & do rides all over the Country. Some of us race, skill levels range from beginner to A ...but most importantly we are out to have fun. You will have to drive if want to ride a HS type trails, MX tracks are just about everywhere. We'll be at Croom this Sat. doing our Wanker photoshoot....yes we are going Pro....lol Cheers & post up Johnny Africa
  13. Johno33772

    Tampa Bay area riders

    Switch social media....if you not easily offended ....PM you FB acct. & get you in the riding loop Cheers JA PS; Grumpy is Dono...I am the friendly Bastard African...lol
  14. Johno33772

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Mark, We're all about having fun & racing to us ain't everything to many of us. We are doing HP in 1st week of May, going to put our resources together for a trip CO in July. Proably race a few Enduro's & HS . It's way more affordable when 4 or more split costs & get 2 or 3 days of riding in We'll be talking soon Cheers JA
  15. Johno33772

    Riding Ocala, FL area

    The MC loop is about 14miles long & much fun. The rest of ONF is real sandy & dry right now. We did a ride there today in the SE quadrant & it was dry & dusty. Remember the trails are not directional, watch for oncoming traffic. My favorite part of ONF is the MC loop, as you can park at the Trailhead & ride it a few times. Just follow the arrows & you come back to the prking area.