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  1. patrickincc

    2009 KLX140L Monster Edition?

    I paid 1350.00 for one with about 10 hours of run time on it
  2. I was going to ask why you didnt buy your bike from them, so that explains it. There good guys, Roberto and Eduardo took care of me. If would recommend them to anyone looking for a ktm, husky or Berg.
  3. Wow i hope the does not happen to mine, but if it does i am confident that KTM will take care of me as well.
  4. Three Brothers was a good experience. I have been to many dealers i would say this one is at the top of my list.. No games at all.
  5. Well i picked mine up today from three brothers racing, and this is the first time and wont be the last that i deal with those guys. What a pleasant experience and bitchen bad ass bike. Picked up the pipe and skid plate as well thanks to Eduardo. Rock on you guys and three bros that make the ktm buying experience a pleasant one.
  6. Im proud to say my dealier is getting two, and i am the second deposit being held.. Roost on my fellow orange framed friends.
  7. im a stupid rich guy thats not rich.
  8. patrickincc

    450sxf factory edition arrival

    so 9599 to own a piece of history first.. its the price you pay for wanting one of the first.. Ill pay the price just to say i did..
  9. patrickincc

    450sxf factory edition arrival

    so not much more that the factory edition, so i got get allt he people here thinking its going to be a lot cheaper.
  10. patrickincc

    450sxf factory edition arrival

    How much do you think this bike will sell for when it comes out as a 2013?
  11. patrickincc

    2012 ktm sxf 450 factory edition price.

    I think price will vary on demand, and i think that demand will be high. MSRP 9599.00 so we will have to see what the dealers are asking.
  12. patrickincc

    450sxf Factory Edition

    I said i would not do it. My brain was saying no but my hand still gave the dealer a depost for the Dunger Special.. Damn, what the hell came over me?
  13. patrickincc

    450sxf Factory Edition

    I agree. I wonder if the new motor will be as reliable as my 2011 450 sxf. I spoke with my local dealer, and you never know if they are being truthful, but he said that any dealer that wants the new 450 has to order between january 3 to the 10th. Hmmmm is it worth it?
  14. patrickincc

    450 Dungey Replica

    I figured it would not be worth it, and there would be changes before the actual 2013 is released. Whats the point of buying this bike when its actually kind of still on the R and D mode. Im sure Dungey will bake suggestions through-out the early races of the supercross series. Ill keep my 2011 and wait for the 2013.
  15. My point exactly on why i got rid of my 11 350 and picked up a 11 450 with a carb. I would like to get the 450 factory edition but i think ill wait until they get all the problems worked out. The Factory edition 450 was put together rather quickley for Mr. Dungey, and im sure his bike is quite different with the quality of parts that we will get when we throw down 10000 for one.