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    Rear Rack and grab bar builder for DRZ 400 S,SM all years PM if interested! see profile for web link.
    RANT: We need an ATV/ORV revolution out here in communist Connecticut, talks of legalizing drugs make it to the state level but now where legal to ride a freaking ATV :banghead: . $#%^ Connecticut.

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  1. Are you still around? Did you sell the 300XC?

  2. Just did the same thing. Sold my 2015 KLX 110 with BBR143 so I could get some 17" warp 9's for my 300 XC
  3. I saw Hillary when I brought the kids trick or treating. She loved my shirt!
  4. Best mod I did to lower the weight was sell it for a 300 xc shaved 100lbs total and lowered the center of gravity a ton.
  6. Incredible Hulk. You won't like me when I'm angry [emoji35]
  7. Put a Moto Science KTM mirror on my 300 xc. These things are awesome!!! On my DRZ I had the Dirt Freak DRC 161 and they vibrated so bad I couldn't see anything. The Moto Science version is the real deal. Even at idle on a 2 stroke vibrating like crazy I can see everything clear. Underway I now have a clear image of everything behind me. I recommend these to everyone!
  8. Thinking more of a street tire... MT60 Pirelli I've got knobby's for dirt so these would be for buzzing around town and dirt roads.
  9. NewHampshire

    Not up there this weekend so I'm out. Where is the trail head in Alton I'm always down for new stuff.
  10. I had a set last year and I had trouble giving them away, don't know why they really are a great tire for what they are designed to do.
  11. I had the 161 on my DRZ, was looking at Smat Nords for the XC but Forrest only has them in .150 pitch so I went with the Moro Science this time to see if they vibrate less then the 161 dirt freaks did. I bought one for now and if they suck I figured I'd special order the correct Smat Nord or if good get another Moto Science. Mirror arrived today and looks like better quality then the DRC 161 but have yet to road test it.