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  1. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    Thanks for your help in the past Craig-o i really appreciated it, but it is time to move on. On snap of the throttle and i was hooked!!!!
  2. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    Nah fellas i was only joking, it served me for 3 full years and i had some fantastic times on it spent a heap on it trying to get it to go harder, but i like to ride fast long sweepers and with all the mods and gearing changes, suspension changes it just wasnt for me, and also the unbearable seat, even a sdg step seat is tough on the ass. I rode a WR450 injected and it put my DRZ to shame. Thats when I decided to change for something with a little more go . I suppose a piece of shit is harsh and a postie bike is too it served me well as a commuter.
  3. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    It was not the best for what i wanted.
  4. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    But thats just me, i wanted something that had plenty of go over 100kph.
  5. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    For me the DRZ just couldn't cut the mustard.
  6. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    Nah mate, moving up is correct
  7. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    Wasn't enough for power me mate, especially for the amount of money i spent, 450 Athena, Klein carb, hot cams and the list goes on.
  8. berjo

    Goodbye DRZ 400SM

    After 3 years of owning a 2011 DRZ 400SM i just sold her and its time to move up. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people on the forum that helped me out over the last few years with answers to my questions. Life on the DRZ was good for a starter bike but with all the money i spent on mods i relised that i wanted more power than a postie bike so i traded up to a 2013 Triumph Street Triple R. Thanks everyone for fantastic advice!!!
  9. berjo

    Goodbye for now to the DRZ

    Nice trade up, always have had a soft spot for the Iron!!!!!!!
  10. berjo

    Need help with my setup.

    Header glowing could its running to lean?
  11. berjo

    How fast can you rejet?

    You always have to take the throttle cables, electrics, main fuel hose and some of the other hoses off to spin the carb to access the main jet and pilot jet. Also split the frame to get some clearance. Still a pain in the arse.
  12. berjo

    DRZ SM keyless gas cap

    So this Zeta cap fits on your drz 400sm steel tank? Can you post a pic of the underneath?
  13. berjo

    need to cut my E exhaust in half

    I would cut it further down in the smaller pipe section, trying to weld the muffler is a nightmare its thin as piss.