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  1. noob_with_150

    15 tooth front sprocket

    Ohhh whoops didn't see it was a 230 im pretty sure it won't fit on a 150 .
  2. noob_with_150

    How Do I Install Bbr Springs

    Okay how much have you spent to buy your 230 and all the mods on it do you think?
  3. noob_with_150

    2 crf 150s stock one is faster

    that doesn't mean pros don't know $hit about bikes it's that they race not wrench they don't have time for both. BTW I do have my liscense
  4. noob_with_150

    15 tooth front sprocket

    Okay do they have any follow up to there project about how much wear is on it?
  5. noob_with_150


    Ohhhh man thats a HUGE scratch did you bust out the feeler gauge and measure that bad boy?
  6. noob_with_150


    I say you pound your buddies head in and force that biatch to buy you a new one or atleast give you money to "buy a new one" (buy sweet mods)
  7. noob_with_150

    2 crf 150s stock one is faster

    If you have owned your bike this long and don't know this stuff then it's probably time to stop riding.
  8. noob_with_150

    rear shock absorbers

    True dat
  9. noob_with_150

    15 tooth front sprocket

    omg 15? it will where a hole in your case in no time flat that is if it will even turn with a 15 tooth.
  10. noob_with_150

    Lets Have A Little Contest Here!!

    ummm wheres that one dude who has the full cr85 conversion a stroked out crf150 he would win this contest easy.
  11. noob_with_150

    How Do I Install Bbr Springs

    What are you 500 pounds and please don't tell me you take that thing riding/racing at tracks
  12. noob_with_150

    baja promo vid

    im pretty sure the song is "We Ride" By Cottonmouth kings??
  13. noob_with_150

    150 Front Sprocket

    I did it.... It was pretty good but made 1st gear almost useless if your into tight trails or steep stuff i would do it.
  14. noob_with_150

    Attention all CRF150 racers!

    Is it being sponsored by hillsboro motosports? cause thats where i bought my 150 from..