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  1. I went to Gifford and did 97 miles yesterday. Won’t be able to make it tonight. Have a great ride guys.
  2. Still trying to make it work but if so I could be in Enumclaw at 6:30-7
  3. Don’t make excuses I told you the 450 will be done tonight. 😂
  4. It’s cleaned up and I’m going to try and use some foot powder to see exactly where the leak is coming from.
  5. Looks like @TigerTanker bike is leaking at the exhaust flange as well.
  6. Yes but I’m sure it’s all the random flips it does.
  7. Yesterday at jumbo peak. You can see Adams behind those beautiful beasts.
  8. If you have to ask you can’t afford it. Rules of the road, ass, cash or grass. No one rides for free. 😂
  9. Awesome video. Looks like the lights worked great. How was the battery life on the helmet light?
  10. The part number for the exhaust flange protector we used was 24537994044. It is a Husqvarna hard part.
  11. Yes. Let me know if you need any advice or help with the work.
  12. Yes. Same fan kit that comes on the four stroke FE and EXC models.
  13. I don’t but when looking at the results when searching in google it looks to be the same kit. Here’s the pic of the box I installed on TT’s bike today.
  14. Yeah for some reason race tech sends out a 247mm spring to replace the 260mm one. Barely enough threads to get 8mm of preload. Made me worry it was the wrong spring so had to call and double check. They said that’s what they use and it would work.
  15. The fan kit is the oem part with a relay included. The bike already has a spot to plug it in under the tank and a spot for the relay in the battery box. It’s also $100 and runs off the ECU with no additional harness or switch. Part number for the kit is 79635941044.
  16. The fan and the lights. It’s part of the cyclops auxiliary harness.
  17. My friend is a bartender at North Fork. Love that place. Looks like a great ride, I’ll add that to the list.
  18. Buy the oem clutch pack for a bit more and you’ll be happy you did.
  19. Motorsports of Olympia hands down. They are a great family run dealership and the top Yamaha sales in the state. I’ve been using them for a decade and they have never let me down. Talk to Alex or Paul and tell them I sent ya.
  20. Can use the light switch off your 350 or buy a new one and there is no need to upgrade the stator. It puts out 196w
  21. Another great weekend in naches. Did 85 miles on Saturday with my buddy Dave. Rode a bunch of the good shit like Greek creek, back way up clifty, 945, Lagos, bear creek and more.
  22. I might be interested. I’ll see what I got going on and get back to you. Just got back from a week at naches.
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