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  1. California

    We staged off of the highway near Slide Inn (Longbarn) and crossed the river north of the lake. It's nice having all plaited bikes in your group!! But it's ride time, so I'm game to go most any weekend, weather permitting! So pm me when you're heading up, I'd love to join you on a ride!
  2. California

    We came up to Crandall Peak via the lower trail on the lake side then around the Ruby burn area. We didn't take the ridge trail this trip, although it's one of my favorites. There was three EXC500's in our group. How about you?
  3. California

    It was a perfect day yesterday at DC! Small amounts of snow on the ground but the dirt was moist and the traction was great. Get up there and ride before they try and close it down. We did a 53 mile loop and saw a few other groups out on the trails.
  4. California

    Looks like you lost your window Scott, at least there's no dust.
  5. California

    52 miles today, dust wasn't too bad with just the two of us.
  6. California

    52 miles today, dust wasn't too bad with just the two of us.
  7. California

    It will not be for the weak and at least 40-60 miles of single track. I have made grown men cry.
  8. California

    We ended up at Hull Creek, thunderstorms for about twenty minutes early this morning. Dirt was perfect, only dust was on the fire roads. Think we may have pissed off some Sierra club members, but that's easy. No injuries or broken bikes so all in all it was a great ride! Deer Creek here we come!!
  9. California

    I think I'm going up this weekend regardless of the weather, there's never any dust on the trail in front of me. I've gotta ride before I kill someone.
  10. I'm running the bullet proof designs as well, look and work great!
  11. California

    Forecast says thunder storms Thursday.....I'm thinking Saturday
  12. That's a lot of miles on a dirt bike. Sure it has a plate but ITS A DIRT BIKE! I put an estimated 30,000 miles on my exc360 before I sold it 16 years later. Of course that's a two-stroke engine with several top ends and a complete lower end. But at that point the chassis was getting pretty worn.
  13. California

    10/10.... But I might go sooner too...
  14. California

    Better make the workout double time, I've got a nice loop for ya!
  15. California

    I'll be your huckleberry, that's my stompin' ground!!
  16. I have a Sicass harness that contains a diode for each side, I think it was like $7. My first one went out right away and I was sent a replacement. The replacement lasted about a year or so before I started having the same issue you are complaining about. It seams that one of the diodes on my harness has burnt out. Removing the indicator made them work properly again but I like having it. Thanks for the info, I'll try replacing the diode with the Radio Shack unit.
  17. Yep, that's Carnegie over 25 years ago when the face was open!
  18. California

  19. You'll have to pull the slave cylinder off and check to see if the seal is blown out. You would be loosing fluid if it is. My Rekluse slave cylinder blew out and the seal was only $25 and was easy to replace.
  20. Congratulations on your new purchase! Sounds like a good deal Davey! You'll definitely want to regear for the dirt. My 13 came stock with 15/45 and I swapped to 13/48 to reuse the chain. Most guys are replacing the chain and running a 14 up front with many rear options. and don't forget the protection too, at least hand guards, radiator guards depending on your use. Lots of gas and have fun!
  21. They also make one that uses cable ties to secure it, I used one to mount my phone between the bar mounts.
  22. I have tried them on my last ride, seamed to work quiet well. Although they are a little big, it does still stop the dirt from getting on the filter. Tying a knot in it might be useful too, I'll have to try that.
  23. I bought one at Cycle Gear on sale for $100, regularly $200. I think it's a Haul Master. I've only used it on three or four long drives with my work van and it has worked very well. It too has a tension bolt to minimize the sway.
  24. I ran a SAE plug from my steering neck to the battery, worked good charging my phone and putting the bike on the tender. I haven't needed to use it on my Garmin yet and I'm thinking of getting another connector to use as a jumper cable from bike to bike.
  25. I used my iPhone with a $10 app called GPS KIT, it works great but does take a lot of data and battery. I am now running a Garmin 62ST, quite pricey but a nice unit.