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  1. Donjholt

    Enduro/Hair scramble race in Colorado Springs area

    Corcs is the place to go. They ,for the most part, have events around the springs area
  2. I have been driving class a otr for a year nor and have decided to look for local work. Anybody know of a decent company looking for a driver. Not too concerned with location, just looking to get back to Colorado
  3. Donjholt

    Was feeling iffy about purchase

    Hell, I would relocate out of Colorado in a heartbeat . The riding is amazing and the place is breathtakingly beautiful but it comes with a steep price tag Before I went otr, all I did was work my ass off just to live in a place I never got much time to enjoy
  4. Donjholt

    Was feeling iffy about purchase

    That sounds pretty decent. My year has been pulling flatbed and not much hiring in my area and trying to get on in a different state is proving difficult. However, something will come up. Only gaining more experience as I search
  5. Donjholt

    Was feeling iffy about purchase

    Wouldn't say I am all in,had the goal to pay cash for the Beta. I am running too hard to see a thing. Will be looking local soon. I am lease operator so hometime is pretty expensive
  6. Donjholt

    Was feeling iffy about purchase

    Thanks for the advice. I have not been home since mid June with hometime scheduled the last week of October when the Beta supposed to arrive. I am new to otr so getting processes down and learning the ropes have been my main goal this first year.
  7. Here's the deal, I own an 09 Beta 450rr, great bike. I currently drive semi otr so the chances to ride are few and far between. During m y last hometime I rode my 450 twice and honestly, got my ass handed to me. I am just not in the physical shape I was when I threw trash for a living. 7 weeks ago I ordered up a 17 my xtrainer. Up until now, I was like, why buy a new bike when you get so few chances to ride. This weekend I stopped in Mojave CA at Jawbone canyon and rented a crf230 for 24 hours. Fun bike, small, ok power yada yada. Here's the reality, I rode a hard 6 hours and never got tired and had a lot of fun. Solidified the purchase of a new 1" taller30# lighter, new suspension bike. Cannot wait to throw a leg over the new Beta
  8. Donjholt

    Oh Crap,went and done it

    Ordered my 2017 Beta xtrainer yesterday! Didn't go nuts, sprung for me,flexx bars, Equilibrium rear,sticky front. Build date Oct 3. Long ways off, but I drive otr so will build funds up for playtime while I wait
  9. Donjholt

    19812t enduro frame

    Stopped a frame,forks, swingarm, pair of Ohlins rear skocks from being tossed into our landfill. Good airbox also. This bike was reported to hit crazy top speeds.
  10. Donjholt

    01 ec250 on my radar

    Just roda a 1 owner ec250 a friend took in on trade. Neverreally looked at gasgas before and was surprised with the fit n finish on the bike. The motor was decent, little to no bottom end with a meaty mid and okay top. Pretty well what I expected. What I am really digging are the Ohlinsfront n rear. I run about 270 without gear so mist bikes will be sprung for me which , at close to 500 a bike , makes aused bike un realistic as most guys arent knocjing crap off the price for springs This bike has it already, I had to back off tge clickers as they were too stiff for me. Guy wants 2400 with title, so really 1900$. Thoughts on price and opening up cockpit and bottom end.
  11. Donjholt

    450 RS clutch problem - inputs requested

    My 09 450 clutch pull is butter smoothHas been easy since the first ride. It is every bit as easy as 2nd gen " haha,true Betas"
  12. Donjholt

    Colorado Too early?

    I am so ready for Taylor Park! I may be puzhing it to go over this weekend and explore. Anyons been over this early?
  13. Donjholt

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Suggestions for linkage bearings and steering bearings? Also, looking at rear shock rebuild at 130 hrs, thoughts. Bike is an 09 450 rr
  14. Donjholt

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    No, the trip wouldn't be worth it for your purchase. Apex has the volume to get you a better deal. Sean does exceptional work, the suspension work he has done for me on mine is unreal. When he installed my Rekluse we spent a day tuning it to exactly what I wanted and he charged me for the hour install and not a dime more.
  15. Donjholt

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    They need jetted at this altitude, and the above mentioned dealer charges 275$ for jetting and have seen 2 bikes personally,that never had jetting touched. Still jetted for sea level.