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  1. Here is a link with more details.
  2. Firecracker

    Thunder Valley Nationals

    My hubby & neighbor are going. I'm not, gotta work.
  3. Firecracker

    Thunder Valley Nationals

    Guys, I'll see if I can find out. Getting a hold of anybody out there right now is going to be hard with the nationals coming up so fast.
  4. Firecracker

    Thunder Valley Nationals

    Well, it doesn't help that it's an afternoon race. That means all of us who have to work Saturdays can't go. I miss the Sunday race format. You should come to Fan Fest though
  5. Firecracker

    Colorado Free sound test today

    Sun Enterprises, 88th and Washington, Thornton. Stay the Trail is doing free sound tests. Find out if your bike meets the new laws (July 1!).
  6. Hey everybody, We just booked the WALL OF DEATH to add to our Fan Fest! We'll actually have it here on Saturday, June 26 as well as all afternoon on the 25th. http://americanwallofdeath.com/
  7. Firecracker

    Big Horn NF

    And when you do, you get a big envelope full of trail maps. We did in 08 anyway. Didn't get up there last year
  8. Firecracker

    Nationals - Thunder Valley

    Yep I got tix to the National and to the MXoN And and and ... !! don't forget the Fan Fest! Friday June 25 2-8 p.m!
  9. Firecracker

    Nationals - Thunder Valley

    I believe these are last year's rules, but I would expect something similar: http://www.mxthundervalley.com/rev/?page_id=43 It looks like you are allowed to bring one but not pack in a bunch of liquor.
  10. Firecracker

    Kicker Arenacross

    Oh no! that really sucks! I didn't make it over until time for the main program. I was stuck at the swap meet almost all day. I took one cruise through the pits about lunchtime then had to go back. I spent the rest of the night watching from our bike display area. Some pretty good racing out there!
  11. Firecracker

    Selling 125/200 shop cd cheap

    Actually that's what Yousendit is for. It's pretty easy to use. But if not I might still be interested. Too bad it doesn't cover the big bikes too, I have a 200 and a 380.
  12. Firecracker

    need help deciding

    Awesome, good luck. I have to work the biker swap meet that day but I think I can get out of there in time to catch some of the main program at least.
  13. Firecracker

    need help deciding

    Mike, sorry for hijacking your thread (HTS, bite me ) I say go for it. I did tons of races I knew I was going to suck at, just to see what it was like. I raced flat track, AX, MX, hare scrambles, GP, desert, whatever, just because it was fun and I never expected to win.
  14. Firecracker

    need help deciding

    Thank you And happy early birthday to Hit the Set too
  15. Firecracker

    Selling 125/200 shop cd cheap

    Is this the FULL shop manual? Would you be able to send the files via Yousendit or something?