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  1. Heading down this weekend get out of the snow. Was going to hit mx421 but anywhere else noteworthy?
  2. Joer0905

    Pics of Your 450....

    Meet my girlfriend
  3. Joer0905

    Pics of Your 450....

    I hate it when I go to the store to buy an air filter and leave with a new bike. She has 5.4 hours on her now.
  4. Joer0905

    08-12 250sx rads on a 13?

    Exactly as the title says, will 08-12 rads fit a 13. Looked at the parts diagram and the old part number says they have a different parts but then on rocky mtn atv,they show a new replaced part number that matches
  5. Joer0905

    Will sxf radiators for a sx?

    Anyone know? I have access to 14 250sxf rads potentially so
  6. Joer0905

    Will sxf radiators for a sx?

    Searched the forums and couldn't find anything concrete. I have a 2013 ktm 250sx and the radiators just started leaking on one side and found the mount to be cracked on the other. Will 12-15 sxf rads fit this bike?
  7. Thanks guys, I did my research and figured all that out. Looks like I'm just going to have to figure something else out.
  8. I'm debating putting a hitch on my accord and getting one of those aluminum bike carriers to haul my bike to and fro. Truck took a dump on me and have no way to haul my bike anymore. Figured id ask These things
  9. Trying to respring and valve my 2013 ktm 250sx. I'm a 225 b/c mx rider and looking to figure out my fork and spring sizes. I'm thinking a .50 fork and 5.8 rear. Inputs
  10. Joer0905

    Suspension question

    So I have a 13 250sx, trying to spring and revalve it. I'm a b/c mx rider that weighs around 225. I'm trying to figure out proper fork and shock spring sizes. Also is the neihlo linkage stock? I just bought this bike so I don't know much about it.
  11. Just bought my first ktm yesterday. Never in my mind would I have thought I would own one of these damn things. But have one question, do the 15 plastics fit a 2013 250 sx. Because I cannot stand that years plastics
  12. Joer0905

    Blue plastics on a 13

    I was talking like this baby blue
  13. Joer0905

    Blue plastics on a 13

    Anyone know where I can get blue plastics on my 13 450? I can't find em anywhere
  14. Just trying to see what years I could just drop a new tranny from a different year bike into an 03
  15. Joer0905


    I do in fact. The end goal with the gold rims was a retro look. But I find them too similar to silver and they are harder to make look good haha