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  1. TampaBoy813

    z400 jet kit or no??

    CFM-Z...what are you running for jetting?
  2. TampaBoy813

    2002 CR450F Part out?

    I am going to buy a 450R motor....how can you tell what year the motors are?
  3. TampaBoy813

    YFZ OR TRX ?

    I had a YFZ for about 7 mo's...had to sell it because of tranny BS and then after the dealer split the case it was knocking....this was after my 6mo's of the warranty was up..and they were looking for ways to keep pushing me out the door...so I sold it..and got a 400ex Hybrid quad.... its a 400ex with a YZ426F motor...so far I love the bike I liked my YFZ but i could not get it dialed in right...I quess it was lack of time on the bike when I sold the YFZ it only had about 15/20 Hr's on it...from being @ the dealer all the time...I would love to ride a TRX450R and see what its like next to my Hybrid...other then the BS i had with my YFZ I can say it was fast....I would say ride both and see what you like...if you like the YFZ make sure you get a Ass Gasket...that seat is nonforgiving!!! -Paul
  4. TampaBoy813

    400 Carb Same as 426?

    no knocking here...just wanting more info...where did yuo get the carb? and what do you have to do with the jetting? if there any thing different?
  5. TampaBoy813

    400 Carb Same as 426?

    cant you do the BK MOD to fix that?PS: Back @ yah....
  6. TampaBoy813

    400 Carb Same as 426?

    the carb made it that much better?what all did you get out of the aftermarket carb?
  7. TampaBoy813


    what cap do I need to get? Link? More Info?
  8. who makes the 470cc for the YZ426?
  9. Going to check and see if its time for a rebuild....what should the compression be at?
  10. TampaBoy813

    Dry Sump Eliminator Kit

    they still have 3 kit's...but they no longer make the Kit....
  11. Burn his house down! then kill his Dog!good luck man!
  12. TampaBoy813

    Mobil 1 Users

    I am going to use M1 as soon as I get my bike ready to run....
  13. TampaBoy813

    Facelift YZF 400

    man that looks good...I wish I could get colored tires like that for my Quad..
  14. TampaBoy813

    426 Cam Mod...Ever seen cam gears like these?

    i'm going to tri and trade out the hotcam for a stock Cam... :thinking:thanxs for the info...-Paul
  15. TampaBoy813

    Sight Glass for the 426....$35.00 wtf mate?

    I was thinking the same thing....Dr.D only has 2 or 3 kits left..they no longer make it for the bike....must not have been a good seller...