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  1. SoCalWR426

    Chains and sprockets-which are the best?

    Yep! I fell for the Sidewinder steel sprocket. First thing instructions mention is that hub cut out I/D on sprocket is larger than hub but don't worry about it, obviously a one size fits all concept. Second thing I noticed was after instal was complete is the sidewinder sprocket is about 1/3 thinner than stock, this situation results in load presure being concentrated unevenly and on a more narrow portion of your chain which will result in premature failure.. Anyone want to buy a new 50T Sidewinder sprocket for their 05 525EXC? SoCal
  2. SoCalWR426

    Wanna Trade Seats?

    I have a brand spanking new Guts Racing Hi-Soft mounted on factory base. I will trade for a new to like new factory 05 525EXC complete seat. Personely I don't care for the new ride position of the Hi seat. I believe 04 & 05 seats are the same.. SoCal maarmstrong@webtv.net
  3. SoCalWR426

    Who is rubbing their muffler

    Mine did, I since have put a spacer at the frame tab. I'm sure when I go to my Pirelli MT18 120 it will rub again... SoCal
  4. It rips in groomed or loamy areas. It's not so good here in So. Calif rocky dry desert type riding, the sharpe rocks here shred the knobs right off.. I found it was a better tire for me after it wore down some as when new it was very unstable in turns.. So far my favorite is Dunlop 756 front and Pirelli MT-18 rear.... SoCal
  5. SoCalWR426

    JD jetting

    I too was disapointed with my JD kit... AT FIRST.... I was running the blue needle set-up per instructions, my YZF needle with a 45pj and 175mj ran much better even though way too rich.. My friend had been telling how his ran best with the red needle set-up. Well between the instructions saying blue, everybody I knew saying blue, me being hard headed not to mention being po'd over spending $65 for nuthin, yesterday I finally in desperation tried the red with 42pj and 170mj... Woo-Hoo this baby rips!!! No slow speed bog, come's right from idle with grunt right on up. Very responsive. If you were to tell me to do the BK, I would laugh it's that good. It did seem a wee bit too lean at the very top, so I just went to a 172mj and will try it out when the rain stops.. SoCal
  6. SoCalWR426

    KTM525exc gas cap prob.

    My friends EXC525 did the same thing, he took apart the cap/vent assy and reassembled it, he also had to work the threads on the cap. Worked fine after that. Since the bike is brand new, I would have my dealer replace it anyway... SoCal
  7. SoCalWR426

    SX exhaust on an EXC?

    Thanks everybody. based on the info everyone provided, I have decided I would be foolish to change it out.. obviously whats good for the WR426 aint so good for the EXC525... SoCal
  8. SoCalWR426

    Source for CeMoto blue plastic??

    Thanks WRSM... I will try to run tese numbers down.. SoCal
  9. SoCalWR426

    SX exhaust on an EXC?

    smudge, that was the type of information I was looking for... Thanks. SoCal
  10. SoCalWR426

    Source for CeMoto blue plastic??

    WRSM. I tried the site you provided, my Italian is pretty rusty, but as far as I can tell it's down for construction.. My information source has been internet parts companies and none of them show anything blue. Just orange, black and grey.. If you have a parts site available with blue, perhaps you can post the info.. Thanks. SoCal
  11. SoCalWR426

    SX exhaust on an EXC?

    TwinSpar, I forgot to mention that I was talking about a 05 525EXC.. Are you talking about a factory KTM SX exhaust? Is it a huge differance in noise and weight and do you know roughly what the db rating might be? I have a factory YZF exhaust on my WR426 and with the Pro-Moto Billet spark arrestor it comes in at 96db, I was wondering if it might be so with the KTM... Thanks SoCal
  12. SoCalWR426

    Source for CeMoto blue plastic??

    WRSM, I didn't know UFO made it in blue! Everything I have seen so far is the run of the mill offerings.. I will search again, but I'd hate to put you out as I know what a p.i.t.a it would be to ship across the pond, specialy as much as I fall and scratch up my plastic I would need a constant source.. Thank you for the offer and I will check out UFO's website again.. SoCal
  13. Has anyonne tried the SX exhaust on their EXC.. I would like a smaller lighter exhaust, I would also install a PMB spark arrestor. How much louder is the SX pipe and would it be a straight bolt on? Thanks SoCal
  14. Does anyone know of a source for the blue Cemoto plastic kits here in the states? Thanks.. SoCal
  15. SoCalWR426

    digital speedo, how do I?

    Steve, It back lights in orange. Mine comes on every time I even roll the bike in my garage.. SoCal