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  1. Fullborewhore

    Tool kit bag!

    All you had to do was ask
  2. Fullborewhore

    Rack & Bag

    I really like that little bag but man it's kinda costly. It does have some cool features though so it may be on my list . Thanks for the link
  3. Fullborewhore

    All Thumbs

    Thumb throttle sucks! If I had my way I would have twist on everything I owned including my sled. I just got back from the U.P after 3 days of sledding and damn is my thumb and wrist sore from that throttle. It may be a toss up losing the hand warmers but all I could think about was getting back home and finding a way to get a twist throttle on my sled. My Kodiak does the same thing to me no matter how much I ride it. It's time to make the switch for sure.
  4. Fullborewhore

    polyethylene skid plate

    Well any way you slice it (on this I'm sure you could) it's still plastic The bike comes from the factory with plastic guards yet everyone takes them off .Why do you think that is? Because they're plastic. No I think my thin ass water pump and mag cover will always be protected by aluminum no matter what the weight difference is .The weight savings of the plastic plate won't even be noticed when your pushing your bike 30 miles out of the woods.
  5. Fullborewhore

    Those with a rack - how much is too much?

    Thats funny, I was thinking about offering up a hocky stick hauler for the DRZ just the other day The kit will consist of two zip ties a roll of duct tape and a few drywall screws
  6. Fullborewhore

    Tonn Skid Plate vs Concrete

    Ya they are pretty strong I must say! I always liked this picture! Had some kid accuse me of having a jackstand hid behind the wheel in this pic. Too funny!It gave me a good laugh
  7. Fullborewhore

    Post a Picture of your PIMP --> *SM* <--

    Thats BAD ASS! Love everything about it!
  8. Fullborewhore

    You've never seen a DRZ crash like this....!!!

    Ya but the cop said it was dry so dry conditions mean extra throttle
  9. Fullborewhore

    Is this a scam?

    just go to your ebay account and look up the original buyer and contact him thru ebay and make sure it is the same dude! If it's a hacker chances are he's not going to be receiving that dudes mail but who knows Thats alot of money to be taking any chances with thats for sure! Make sure the of the deal before you blow the doe! The police station thing sounded cool to me . tell him to have his wife meet you there. Thats a great idea and will fish him out in about a second.
  10. Fullborewhore

    Problem with Unabiker on '06

    My 02 model had the same exact fit problems as this one! The oil line did concern me but with everything bolted up I felt it would be hard to smash it. As for the coolant line on the bottom i had to grind it as well as egg out the bottom mount hole to get the guard to move forwward to gain clearance. Get out your grinder and shave it a bit then oblong that bolt hole a bit as well. After you get them on you'll probably find that the tripple clamp bolt hits the guards as well. You'll need to do some tweaking to solve this also. Great guards but the S model design needs some tweaking on that right guard. I put a set of Unabikers on our RMZ 450 and they fit perfectly.
  11. Fullborewhore

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    Man that took my breath away when I clicked on that
  12. Fullborewhore

    Kickstand length for conveted SM

    I' have made a few of those stands from scratch and I made them approx 1 3/4 to 2 inches shorter. There is a picture of one on my web site tonnsracing.com if you want to check it out. If your going to have the dude weld it , just take the bike over there and have him cut the stand for you. It will be alot easier. I think you could do it with a dremmel though if you have the reinforced cutting wheels. Prolly take about two of them
  13. Fullborewhore

    kickstand question ???

    I have fabricated a few aluminum stands for the DRZ but only to test it. Result, You will never get an aluminum stand to be as strong as the stock model. I can make aluminum kickstands all day long but I use the stock one whats that tell you Definitly not worth the hassle and the few onces you shed. Now an aluminum frame would be all the rage
  14. Fullborewhore

    Unabiker braces

    You need to get a bigger hammer and just beat those babies into submission I was thinking about taking mine off so I could powder coat them and then I thought back to the day I put them on and I was like , Ahhh they good just the way they are
  15. Fullborewhore

    Poor DRZ, all alone in a sea of Harleyness...

    One thing that is refreshing is that all the bikers I see on the roads are friendly. Whether they are riding Harley's, BMW's or whatever - they always wave. I really appreciate the helpful advice and friendliness of all on this site! I was gonna say the same thing as i've had generally the same experience. True bikers don't care what brand your on as long as your enjoying two wheels. I get people on harleys thowing up hands at me all the time on my DRZ and I will be fully dressed in my dirt gear, helmet and all. Not all but most. I only turn my nose up at KTM's