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    Lovin the 250!

    Yeah, if you are happy with the noise right now then I say leave it alone. Personally I like the deaper tone given to my bike by the exhaust, but the db lvl might be a little high for off road rideing.
  2. liquid

    Lovin the 250!

    What about the noise? If you think the bike is a little to loud as is, I would strongly suggest against the mega max exhaust system. I just had is put on my 2000 TTR 250 and it is ungodly loud in comparison. Might have to order some more sleaves for it to try and quiet it down. But I just wanted to say congrats on the new purchase!!!!
  3. liquid

    ttr 250 Handlebars and jetting

    I had a similar thing happen, except the ground just happened to open up right bellow me. I put some FLY racing handel bars on it, and I love them. I got the two part aluminum bars in crome. Looks good and feels great. I have not had to rejet my bike even after placing a mega max exhaust on it. I did however have to adjust the needle depth for a similar problem.
  4. liquid

    2002 TTR 250

    I have a 2000 TTR 250 and it came with an o-ring chain. I must admit that it has more power then my dads 2003 xr 250r. I recently put an fmf mega max pipe on it and it woke the big up tons. It is also a fully adjustable pipe so you can controll the sound and type of power gain you get. So far this bike has done nothing but tear up the trails and I must say I am sold on the TTR name. If you can get the 02 for a good price I say go for it.
  5. In response to the question about the mid range, my dad had the same problem on his 03 xr250. We recently fixed the vehicle by doing 3 things. First rejeted the carb, second adjusted the fuel to be a leaner mix while in the midrange and punched a larger hole in the spark arrestor insert. Now the bike has great power through the entire rpm range and is even a little louder and meaner sounding .