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  1. a109drvr

    I hate pro taper handle bars!

    The first pic of the switch housing isn't caused by the handlebars. they are all the same 7/8 inch diameter there. If your shop did that, never take your bike to them again! Try taking the switch housing apart (it's just a couple of screws) and putting it back together yourself. As for the ignition switch, use the triple clamp bolt (second pic, also holds the turn signal). The bolt isn't that tight. Just make sure you torque it down to 21 ft lb since it holds the fork leg.
  2. Maybe on the 1/2 ton trucks. On the 3/4 ton the Dodge and Chevy have the same lug pattern - 8 x 6 1/2" (8 lugs on a 6 1/2 inch diameter). The 99 and up Fords 3/4 tons have a 8x170mm pattern. The other thing to think about is your brakes. I took a set of American Racing 16x9 rims off my 95 Dodge 2500 and tried to put them on my 2003 Dodge 2500 and the wouldn't fit over the calipers because the brake rotors were larger on the 2003. As long as the rims you're thinking about getting are the same diameter as what you have now they "should" fit. No way to know for sure without trying them.
  3. Go with the motorcycle tie bar or buy a few of theseAncra Bolt on Tie Down , and put them where you want.
  4. Is there a gold metalflake screaming chicken chicken on top of the tank? It doesn't show up in the pics. Lose the stripes and paint a white circle with a black number 8 on the tank. Then every time you wreck it will tell your future. Seriously, if there is a way to keep the number plate stripe straight instead of going around the bolt hole, do that. Rest of it looks really good. All black is boring. You'll be fully pimped when the Italian bling (can aluminum or magnesium be considered bling?) wheels show up.
  5. a109drvr

    DRZ400SM K5 what a crap !!! :-(

    Damn, I thought alophind was back with some more goofy questions
  6. a109drvr

    anyone ever clean the air boot?

    If the filter is new it should be fine. Just make sure the lip of the filter fits around the cage well, and the lip is flat against the airbox when attaching the spring. Also when I use the spray on filter oil I thouroughly saturate the inside and outside of the filter. If your UNI is a 2 piece filter then coat the inside and outside of both. Then once the solvent evaporates I use lint free paper towels to soak up the excess oil. I wrap the filter in the towel and squeeze without twisting. You want to get oil throughout the filter without any excess. Not saying you did this but I have seen guys just spray the outside of the filter (the part you can see when it's in the airbox) and put it back in. Problem with that is once the coarse outer part of the filter that does have oil is covered with dust & dirt, the fine inner part of the filter won't capture anymore dirt. Of course a well oiled filter will get totally clogged with dirt eventually, but I doubt the 250 miles you rode would do that unless it was all sand or silt. Even so the engine would run badly with a clogged filter.
  7. a109drvr

    anyone ever clean the air boot?

    Sounds like your air filter is letting dust get through. The air boot should be clean. Look closely at the inside of your filter to see if there are any rips or tears that will let unfiltered air past. If not the filter may not be sealing well in the airbox. Grease might help but I never use it. I just make sure the filter fits on its plastic frame correctly and the filter seats in the airbox like it is supposed to. How are you cleaning and oiling the filter?
  8. a109drvr

    race tech or low tech

    My Race Tech .48 kg/mm springs came with 4 thick washers per spring to use as preload spacers. I used all of them. I wouldn't use 5 inch pvc pipe spacers. Too long for one thing unless they expect you to cut them down to size yourself. Call them back and tell them you aren't fixing the plumbing for the bathroom sink and to send the correct spacers.
  9. a109drvr

    DRZ 475TT build pics

    I'm just wondering how much this bling would cost if I sent you my engine? Let's see; freewheelers crank $525 FCR $525 MT 94mm Bore and plating $500 RHC Head work, cams, valves, springs $ ??? Burned's Expertise $ ??? I need to work more overtime. All I can afford right now is the engraved cover.
  10. a109drvr

    POLL: number of street tards?

    Nah, there is at least one more in Ohio, unless I have the dirt wheels on it. I haven't seen any others around here though.
  11. a109drvr

    Oh 10guy...................

    Harjp, don't just look at the max #'s for hp and tq. Look at the area under the entire curve. You also have to realize that the dyno runs are done at full throttle, I think burned said he has it WFO by 4000 rpm. How often are you at full throttle and max rpm? Supermoto race plenty of times. Street, trail, mx track not that often. My seat of the pants dyno (And it's accurate, got it calibrated last week. ) tells me the gains percentagewise at partial throttle are probably bigger. Of course I'm comparing my full yosh RS3 to the stocker and on an S to boot. Plus, like 10guy said, throttle response is the other gain a good pipe can help with, and the dyno doesn't measure that, it's just a subjective feeling. But if I had the slip on like you do I don't think I would spend the money on a full system, just use the money to improve something else on the bike.
  12. a109drvr

    clutch and sythetic oil

    If you are feeling that with the clutch lever pulled in, it's the tranny-not the clutch. Synthetic oil might or might not help. Have heard on here some guys say swithching to synthetic made shifting smoother. Clutch problems are usually either slipping, engine is revving but the rear wheel isn't spinning or notchiness felt when pulling in the clutch lever, caused by the clutch plate tabs wearing gooves or indentations in the clutch basket.
  13. a109drvr

    What do you guys do for the winter?

    Mluther, everyone here has good advice on winterizing. If you're worried about the battery, get a battery tender or any other trickle charger that will shut off when the battery is at full charge. Don't start the bike unless you can ride it for at least 20 minutes or more. It takes that long to heat up the oil and for any water to vaporize. If you start it and let it idle the water won't vaporize. When you shut the bike off, as the cases cool it draws outside air in through the vent, and the water vapor in the air condenses on the inside of the cases putting more water in the oil. It isn't a lot of water (maybe a few drops) but better safe than sorry.
  14. a109drvr

    To those with the TFlex type II

    I'm sticking with the T-Flex for offroad. Works well everywhere I have used it. The only reasons I would get another offroad tire is for racing, which I don't do with the DRZ or if I went someplace like Moab. I wish they made front tires. My current Kenda is ok but not great. Will probably get a non DOT front next time.
  15. a109drvr

    Anyone Ridden Their DRZ in the OBX ???

    CSM, your bike is legal in the 4X4 only area. Non registered bikes are not. Homeowners along that 12 mile stretch of the OBX are allowed to have ATV's but they have buy a permit for them. I think the 4 wheel drive sign is to warn kids in civics to stay off the beach. There are sheriffs patrolling on ATV's but mostly they look for people speeding on the beach near people on foot. The techniques everyone has given here are good. The only one I have to add is when on the beach at high tide, avoid the big ruts made by the trucks. Seems every 4x4 at high tide uses the same track so the ruts can get close to a foot deep. Stay away from them, keep your speed up, sit toward the back and don't have a death grip on the bars. I'll be down there Sept 17 - Oct 1. Staying in the 4x4 area about a mile south of the fire dept, one row back from the beach. Can't remember if that is Carova or Swan beach. Look for another DRZ or a metallic grey Dodge 2500 quad cab. We also spend a lot of time on the sound side kayaking and crabbing. PM me if you want to try and meet down there.