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  1. if you're going to be riding that bike on the street a lot here is a few must dos 1. Change the gearing. Try this for helping you sort out the gearing : http://www.gearingcommander.com/ 2. DOT / street friendly tires 3. Steering stabilizer 4. Get the jetting sorted. Might want to run one size larger on the pilot jet if you're going to be doing extended WOT on the street 5. Get a more comfortable seat 6. Supermoto front fender (if needed)
  2. Shorty Silencer and then send cylinder + head off to Jbone Motorworks in Connecticut. He can get you more power while staying with pump gas.
  3. BriAnJG054

    Best 2-stroke oil to date?

    bell ray pepper sauce, 46:1 blue can. Fox racing rev quick. best known solution.
  4. thanks for the comments everyone! Looks like i'll be going.
  5. The Nitro Circus is coming my way next month. I'm wondering if anyone has ever gone and if it is worth going? Looks like I can get good seats for $99 a piece.
  6. BriAnJG054

    KTM Speedometer

    you will need to go to motosport or rockymountainatv and search for OEM parts and then locate them that way. It doesn't come as a kit, you need to search for and buy the parts. If you call a sales rep should be able to help you out.
  7. BriAnJG054

    KTM Speedometer

    I have a 300xc that I plated for the road and I bought a lightly used stock KTM speedometer for $50 in the classifieds section. You can buy them new on motosport/rockymountain but they are expensive ($250). Make sure yuo get the speedo cable / magnet as well. I'm in NH as well. Where abouts in NH are you?
  8. BriAnJG054

    Friends bought plated 4 strokes. -_-

    UPDATE: Jetting the bike with a Suzuki NECJ needle made the bike way easier to ride on the road. It might not be very fun on the road but it's a blast offroad. I might pickup a 4 stroke as a second bike eventually for the longer DS rides.
  9. BriAnJG054

    2015 250SX Bills Exhaust Jetting Specs

    Stock jetting should be fine but see how it runs when you get it. Might need to richen the fuel just a tad.
  10. BriAnJG054

    Piston life

    I know people who go past 100hrs on 250's but usually by then the rings are worn down anyways and you're sort of taking a gamble.
  11. BriAnJG054

    Piston life

    How do you ride it? Wide open throttle a lot, lugging, or a mix? I'd probably push it to 100hrs and then change it. When you get right down to it, it's not expensive, and it's pretty easy to do. If you have doubt just change it.
  12. BriAnJG054

    2012-2014 ktm 250sx getting bottom end power?

    shorty silencer, FMF gnarly, modified head, can all improve bottom end power. You can even go as far as cylinder porting to meet your needs.
  13. BriAnJG054

    Have a 500exc, which xcw 2 stroke to go with it

    you already have the 500 big bore powerhouse 4 stroke. Get the light weight, nimble and fun 200. You already rode one so you know you will like it.
  14. BriAnJG054

    2015 KTM 300XC Build

    sorry if I missed it but what are you running for a pipe/silencer combo? It looks like your 300 absolutely screams from that video. Any other engine mods?
  15. BriAnJG054

    15w50, 10w50 or 10w40?

    lol you are one of the biggest douche's in this forum. In a good way though. I always laugh at your posts.