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  1. dubya_o

    SM Tube?

    Thanks bumtarder. Using the WPS# I found one local!
  2. dubya_o

    SM Tube?

    Where can I find tubes for the 150/60 SM tires. It seems that the Big Name stores that have good prices on the tires don't have tubes.
  3. dubya_o

    When at a redlight...

    I keep it in 1st. Learned this in the MSF training back in the early 80's. Not long after finishing this course I was stopped at a light at the bottom of a hill in San Diego when I heard the tire squalling sound. Glanced in my mirror and there was a Big White Cadillac sliding sideways down the hill heading straight for me. Gas, release the clutch, quick trip to the right side of the road and watch the Caddy slide thru the intersection and miraculously not get hit by the cross traffic. If I had been in N. I wouldn't be here today.
  4. dubya_o

    Well, its done over again!!!!

    Looks great Linco. How about that front fender? Cut down stock unit?
  5. dubya_o

    How much $$$ do you have in your DRZ?

    Too much, But not enough.
  6. dubya_o

    rear wheel spindle

    Way way back in the mid 70s I decided for some reason to put the rear axle in the other way on my 70 SL100. Got it torqued down just aas much as always and took it for a ride. About 3 feet from the top of a very tall, veryvery steep hill the axle slipped and the chain derailed. I hit the ground hard 47.2937614 times before I got to the bottom. I haven't tried that little experiment again.
  7. dubya_o

    License plate/baja LED?

    I put my plate on horizontal and then bent the excess that was hanging over the edge and wrapped it around the sides of the BD. Looks ok and I don't have to worry about the edge of the plate slicing me in a crash.
  8. dubya_o

    edelbrock carb

    I had just tried to reply and tell you where it was but my DSL connection blew up and when I got it back I see that you figured it out. Yes the banjo is where the fuel line from the tank goes too. . I don't think it'll be too lean but just to be on the safe side turn the needle adjuster 2 clicks clockwise.
  9. I'm with you Linco. I'm 45. My last good crash was in San diego, flyin down a dirt road I'd been down a hundred times before I go around a curve and there's a square edged ditch across the road that's never been there before. It was on me so quick, I had time to get the front end up but not to unweight the pegs and I cased the far edge at about 50MPH. I remember seeing the knobs on my front tire zippin by the edge of my helmet for what seemed like forever and thinking "that's cool". Then I hit the ground HARD. Both legs were about 6 inches longer and there was this funny maraca sounding noise when I walked.
  10. dubya_o

    Automatic decompression system

    That clunking at almost stalling speed is most likely piston slap. Get the RPMs up!
  11. dubya_o

    shift lever part # ?

    Listen to Bronco!!! Call or e-mail the TT store. I got the MSR extended lever from them. You won't find better service anywhere. :cry:
  12. dubya_o

    Dwight what are you piloting now

    Where's the museum? I live in Brandon and would love to visit.
  13. dubya_o

    Presto ChangeO

  14. dubya_o

    Presto ChangeO

    This middle aged crazy business sure is fun! Expensive tho. This is getting pretty close to a $10,000 bike. I don't beleive I could get any other bike for that amount that I would enjoy as much tho.