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  1. EnviousDRZ

    OT? Shadow Ace jetting.

    pulled the snorkel but I did not enlarge the hole.
  2. EnviousDRZ

    OT? Shadow Ace jetting.

    Yes, sorry. 2003 VT750C
  3. I have a 2003 ace. All stock other than the DJ kit(stage 1). Installed it per the instructions and now the bike runs poorly off idle almost like its starving for fuel. Stumbles a lurches all the way to redline. Leads me to believe main jet or needle clip is wrong? Im about 700 feet above sea level. specs(only changes made): 102,106 mj front,rear 2 - 2.5 turns front,rear clip 2 Thanks!
  4. I have a co workers 2003 shadow ace in my garage. The symptoms were originally a 'miss', I pull the carbs clean and installed a dj kit, checked plugs. Put the bike back together and it runs like shit(like its starving), come to find out after poking around it has an electronic fuel pump. Neat. Well for good measure I replace the fuel filter and turn the ignition on. No whine, no fuel in filter. Started the bike, no whine and no fuel in the filter. Is there a priming technique? Cant find a fuse and I dont know if the pump is supposed to be intermittent or how its controlled. If some one could explain to me how the fuel system on this thing work(where is the fuse is) I would be ecstatic. I'm tempted to bypass the pump and make it gravity fed. Also I told them the bike would be ready at 10am, 6hrs from now. LOL I cant seem to find a decent shadow forum... Thanks
  5. Yup! They sold chainsaws.
  6. EnviousDRZ

    Anyone with the E base gasket on a 400s?

    I did it and Im happy with it, pulls a little bit harder.
  7. EnviousDRZ

    New 06 E, strange noise, not imagination!

    Your gonna help me when it blows up, right?
  8. EnviousDRZ

    Barrett Exhausts?

    $600 for a slip-on F THAT!
  9. EnviousDRZ

    New 06 E, strange noise, not imagination!

    I hear the exact noise now after finishing a gasket swap. While riding it almost sounds like a squeak but when sitting still it sounds like dry bearing or as you described it.
  10. EnviousDRZ

    Nice fork setup on ebay for cheap!

    I had to get the SM, sheesh...
  11. EnviousDRZ

    Got the DRZ Back!!!!

    They got to make it safe for cagers with cell phones.
  12. EnviousDRZ

    DRC light is awesome!

    Yes, I like mine. They need to start importing other japanese parts, Id like a japanese exhuast, was it hogashi or something like that?
  13. EnviousDRZ

    CVK40 Dyno Results

    Someone should send their carb and stuff to eddie (assuming he is willing) so he can compare it on one of his machines.
  14. EnviousDRZ

    Need Help New Kawasaki KLX400 SR with 120 miles

    Your riding. Not implying its good or bad but if its been adjusted for this machine.