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  1. CyberZombie

    I need the quietest silencer for my 450..

    I've heard a 450x silencer; '05 450x I think it was. That bike was incredibly quiet. You could do some stealth rides with that thing. I emailed an author at DirtRider, about that silencer. He said without a doubt the 450x silencer was way quieter than any aftermarket unit. But... the thing is huge and probably quite heavy. This on a bike that is already heavy :-(
  2. CyberZombie

    New Neighbor Hates Bikes

  3. CyberZombie

    Which is quieter?

    On my friend's 02 CRF450R: * stock he never ran... * stock with the ProMotoBillet spark arrestor end was OK and usually passed the California 96 DB sound test * FMF Q2 was much quieter, always came in at 93 db in the sound tests. (My 02 CRF450 with an FMF Ti-4 with spark arrestor, usually passes the 96dB test. I wouldn't recommend this silencer/arrestor though - it burns out the packing quickly.) I believe 96 dB is rather loud though... my next silencer will be QUIET!!! As they say, your mileage may vary. +sean
  4. CyberZombie

    Which type of evans coolant?

    Evans NPG+ is what I use in all my bikes, and my transporter (a Subaru Legacy wagon that pulls a trailer), and my fiancee's car. Good stuff. Takes the worry out of riding/driving hard. +sean
  5. CyberZombie

    What oil are you all using in your gear box?

    Valvoline ATF, Mercon type. I change the tranny oil every ride. Yes, every ride that lasts longer than 45 minutes. I've had no problems at all in any bike I've ever used it it. And yes, I slide the clutch a lot. I do it on purpose of course. +sean
  6. CyberZombie

    crf450 2005, is gear oil hypoid or non hypoid?

    It might work but I'd stay away from it. Hypoid gears (I recall) are a special cut like in rear-drive automotive differentials. See http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&lr=&rls=GGLD%2CGGLD%3A2005-03%2CGGLD%3Aen&q=hypoid+gear I recall that hypoid gear teeth have a sliding kind of contact, not the same as the gears in your tranny. +sean
  7. CyberZombie

    Question on drain plug washers

    A big factor in crushing these washers is that my manual said to torque the bolts to 16 ft-lbs!!! That is really quite tight. A dealer told me the 16 was a typo, it should be more like 8-10 ft-lbs. +sean
  8. CyberZombie

    using a Camelback style hydrator pack

    Don't make the mistake my fiancee and I did on one 100km bicycle ride on a tandem: we brought Kook-Aid to mix into our water midway through the ride, for some energy. Turns out it was sugar-free Kool-Aid )) That didn't help a bit! Now when bicycling I use Cytomax. I'll try the pedialite next. +sean
  9. CyberZombie

    a question for all you tall guys

    I'm just a shade over 6 ft tall (183 cm) and I did this: Installed RC extra tall bars. That was it. I would not go with a tall saddle for trail riding but maybe for motocross tracks. I can't consider lowering the pegs - I hit boots on obstacles already. If you are considering a steering stabilizer, Scotts said they were coming out with an under-the-bars one that raises the bars. They seem to have one for KTMs, check out their new products section. There are other stabilizers that go under the bars I think. Just my opinion. +sean
  10. Read what BikeWriter wrote on the 8th. +sean
  11. CyberZombie

    450 Fuel mileage

    25 to 30 miles per gallon is what I get. So with my Clarke 3.3 gallon tank I should be able to go 80 miles (128km) before running out. +sean
  12. My Honda manual for my 2002 CRF450R clearly shows that the engine and transmission drain bolts should be torqued to 20 ft-lbs (27 N-m). I've only taken them up to 17 ft-lbs (23 N-m). That already seems tight, and the crush washers do actually get deformed and crush. I'm afraid to go to the recommended torque. Is the manual wrong? What is the true recommended torque? Thanks, +sean
  13. CyberZombie

    Mexico Ride

    Greeny - You might want to check out ktmtalk.com, in one of the regional forums there are frequent discussions of rides in mexico. I was planning on doing a ride there but had to skip it. +sean
  14. CyberZombie

    magura clutch

    If you post to ktmtalk.com I'd bet you will get many responses right away. Many if not all KTMs come stock with magura fluid clutches. I recall reading a caution there about which fluids to stay away from. +sean
  15. CyberZombie

    Help please, Scotts damper which mount?

    Directly to your question: my opinon: go with the simplest, cheapest solution: * bar clamp (plus perches) for your existing triple clamp You don't want to use stock Honda perches, there's not enough clearance from the post clamp to the underside of the perches. * If you want to move to fat bars, now is the time, don't wait * regular mount (unless you race enduros - then go reverse) * clamp-on post that's only my opinion. Everyone is welcome to his/her own. +sean