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  1. ChrisZx7

    03 250ex torque specs

    Anyone got torque specs for jug and head on a 03 250ex??
  2. ChrisZx7

    Fouling plugs.

    I know the bike runs rich. Because it loads up like crazy in low until I clean it out wide open. But why after riding all day it just started? Weather was same all day.
  3. ChrisZx7

    Fouling plugs.

    Been riding for awhile. Been riding bike all day. Fouled a plug on trail, towed to truck, changed plug and fired up. Took down road, bought a drink, on way back to camp bogged out and fouled again. 1991 kx250
  4. ChrisZx7

    Thick white smoke

    Stick your face behind exhaust. If it burns your eyes, it's burning coolant.
  5. ChrisZx7

    kx100 power valves.... ok to sand blast?

    I wouldn't. Just spray with brake cleaner (non chlorinated) and scrub with a red scotch brite pad.
  6. ChrisZx7

    93 kx250 project

    If you can find the kawi green paint code online, any paint mixing store can match it.
  7. ChrisZx7

    92 vs 97

    Thanks guys. I love this thing. It rips so hard. I can't wait to tear it down and find out if it does have work done to it.
  8. ChrisZx7

    Kdx 220 fuel issue

    Are you sure your float isn't cracked? If it's broke or cracked it will fill with fuel.
  9. ChrisZx7

    Need more trAction

    Throttle control, that's hard. I only have one speed, wide open. Krispy kreAm won't do anything. I can't gain a lb unless I work out and build muscle.
  10. ChrisZx7

    Need more trAction

    So say all conditions are good, dry ground, good tires. What can I do mechanically to bike to help put more traction to ground and not throw roost in high revs before shifts? Higher gearing in back? Soften rear shock?
  11. ChrisZx7

    92 vs 97

  12. ChrisZx7

    92 vs 97

    The cylinder has j&j stamped on it. Previous owner said it had "work done". I won't be able to confirm until next winter tear down. Plastics are gross, kid painted them black. Rear shock was so stiff I couldn't even move it. I didn't mess around with it, I just swapped in a race tech rear shock I had from a kx125 project.
  13. ChrisZx7

    92 vs 97

    I used to have a 97 kx250. Rebuilt top end, new power valves etc. was quick, but I think my jetting wAs off. I just traded a 04 yz250f junk 4t for a sweet 92 kx250. This new kx is crazy fast compared to my old 97. Did I maybe have my power valves on old bike not timed right? Or is the 92 just that much more powerful?
  14. ChrisZx7

    04 yz250f carb problems?

    Old stator on right, new on left.
  15. ChrisZx7

    04 yz250f carb problems?

    Replaced stator, that did not fix it. I'm out of options. Yamaha truly is a pos.