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  1. That's friggin' awesome! More power to those guys. They're true heroes and inspirations to all of us. Scott
  2. You can easily find Forma Pros for around/under $200. Scott
  3. AsahiToro


    I think your money would be better spent on a PC Platinum pipe. Scott
  4. How much can I sell a mint stock pipe/silencer from an 04 CRF450 for? I'm not sure and was wondering what a fair starting point is? Thanks for any input, Scott
  5. AsahiToro

    Helmet Skinz

    Oh man, I gotta get these: http://site.ivenue.com/motovationracinginc/catalog_i379721.html?catId=22466 Scott
  6. AsahiToro

    What maintenance do you hate most?

    I'm surprised nobody has said greasing/replacing bearings. Especially swingarm bearings. Scott
  7. AsahiToro

    Best rear tire for sand

    Yeah, that looks like a great tire. I wish they made it in an 18". I'd give it a shot after the S12. Scott
  8. AsahiToro

    Best rear tire for sand

    Michelin S12
  9. AsahiToro

    I think ICAT might have a competitor

    Where can you get them for bikes? I see a lot of dealers for automotive applications but none for bikes at the $39ish price in that test. I'd need one for a 94 CR500. Scott
  10. AsahiToro

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    TLD SE Silver Ryno
  11. AsahiToro

    Ivan T is going 250! w00t!

    Gotta agree with Madmax here. Scott
  12. AsahiToro

    EVS Flux?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an EVS Flux chest protector and am looking for other's opinions on it. I want something that is light, well ventilated, comfy and still offers good protection. I like the idea that it can be worn under the jersey if needed as well. Others I'm considering are the Thor Scattershield (hard to find), Force, Moose XCR and TLD Bodyguard 2. I'm leaning towards a chest protector over body armor because of the hot Florida weather that I'll be using it in. Thanks for any input on the Flux or any other similar chest protectors. Scott
  13. I'm going to tackle a CR500AF project and need someone who is skilled in welding/modifying aluminum. The chassis that I'm working with is an 04 CRF450 and I'm putting a 94 CR500 engine into it. I can handle putting everything together, I'd just like someone more skilled than I am to handle the welding/frame mod part. Thanks for any help or advice on where to go, Scott asahitoro@yahoo.com
  14. AsahiToro

    Orlando SX Roll Call!!!

    Please anyone, can you send me two pit passes for me and my daughter. Let me know if you want anythimg in return. Thanks, Scott