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  1. treebasher

    Pw50 questions

    The spark arrestor is inside the baffle. Right by the rear wheel. When you pull it out, it looks like a torpedo.
  2. treebasher

    Pw50 questions

    I had the same trouble with my son's PW years ago. I would try pulling the baffle out of the muffler and cleaning it. Just make sure you put it back in, it will run like totall crap if you don't. Carbon tends to build up there because the bike doesn't rev enough to clear it out. Also, if you look on Ebay, you should be able to find a "power up kit" It comes with directions on how to mod the baffle, new reeds, jets, air filter, and a plug. It might have some more stuff? I don't remember? This helped TONS when it came to starting, and how it ran in general. You can also put in heavy clutch springs later if your kid feels the need for some more out of the hole punch? Hope this helps?
  3. treebasher

    Converted to Orange, just got a 07 200 XC-W

    I have a 06 200 XC-W. For 2t oil, i run Amsoil Dominator @ 50:1 ( still has stock top end) For the tranny i use Shell Rotella T non synthetic, but you can go either way. This can be picked up at Wal-Mart for around $10 a gallon. I change my oil after every race or trail ride. As for the skid plate and pipe guard, you can kill 2 birds with one stone. click here http://www.hyderacing.com/home.htm They sell a skid plate with a pipe guard on it. I have one and it works great. It is also easy to remove for cleaning if needed. The only time i ever need to pull mine is when i get mud and leaves mixed together, otherwise the hose pushes out the mud just fine. You might want to look around on KTMtalk too. Hope this helps.
  4. treebasher

    Pipe guard

    Try HYDE racing. I have one and LOVE it!!! skid plate and pipe guard all in one. http://www.hyderacing.com/images/product/ktm/hp_exg_29_r.jpg
  5. treebasher

    Klx 110 for a 9 soon to be 10 year old

    It should fit him fine. I just picked up a 2006 with some extras on it for $850. They even threw in a full set of brand new take off plastic with it. The nice thing about the 110 is that as your kid gets bigger, you can make the bike bigger, and faster.
  6. treebasher

    Jet Spec's???

    Thanks for the info. I am a Machinist and deal with tight tol. stuff every day. I will have no problem opening up the hole using the proper drills with a pin vise. Is there a conv. chart for the Mikuni jets too? Thanks, Treebasher
  7. Is there a chart somewhere that shows the hole sizes for the different jets. I want to drill out some jets I have, but don't know what hole sizes go with what?
  8. treebasher

    My baby girl amazed me tonight...

    My Grandpa bought me a tool set when i was 7. I took everything apart and my Mom was PISSED!!! Untill I put it all back together and the stuff worked. I bought my son his own set at 5. He does most of his own maintenence on his Mini Adventure with a little help from me. It's cool to see kids pick up on things from watching how its done. He puts all of his tools away when he is done too. My wife can't figure out why he does this with his tools, but can't or won't do it with his toys?
  9. treebasher

    The Muddy Butt report

    I gotta say, I love reading your race/ride reports. bbbom, You are my hero!! I wish we had more women here in Minnesota like you. Don't get me wrong! We have alot of fast ladies, but they don't ride 500's!!!
  10. treebasher

    Over the boot pants - hot or not?

    I have had the No Fear tank pants for 4 years now and love them!! They have zip off pant legs to turn into shorts when it's hot. And if you leave the legs on, they have a gator to go around the boot so water and mud don't get in your boots. I think Thor makes some thing like this now too.
  11. treebasher

    Arkansaw MX

    This weekend there is a Harescramble there. http://www.arkansawmx.com/
  12. treebasher

    monticello's deadly harescramble

    Yup, that was me. The stock pipe on a DRZ 125 is pretty quiet, maybe 84 to 88Db. The guys running the BBR and other pipes where a bit louder but still passed. If you had a bike with a little more ground clearance you might not have as much trouble getting over some of the stuff you had trouble with. If you like the stuff Monti had to offer, you should go to the Brainerd race in 2 weeks. Same type of terrain but a little more flat. It has a couple fields to cross too if i remember right. These races kick your but a little at times but it all turns into fun in time. What class where you in?
  13. treebasher

    monticello's deadly harescramble

    Blue DRZ 125? I saw you!! I was the one who ran you through sound testing. Well i'm glad to hear that everybody survived to tell their storys. If you think this is a tough race, then you need to try Arkansaw Wisc. this Sun. Not that hard if you like Rocks and off camber stuff. Oh yea, I almost forgot the sticky clay/mud if it's wet. Still alot of fun!!
  14. treebasher

    monticello's deadly harescramble

    What class where you in?? The "C" class had it pretty easy. The tough stuff in the field had the opt. to go around if you didn't feel up to it. The woods where AWSOME. If you ran "A" or "B" you got some tougher stuff in the woods like J's little trail of fun. Finishing your 1st scramble is something to be proud of all by itself. There are tougher ones!! But this one is one of the funnest ones. I worked it instead of racing it and had a whole lot of fun doing it. You should try working one just to see what goes into puting on an event like this. Race some more of these and it WILL get better for you. The faster guys do make a little noise when trying to get around you, but they don't try to run you off the trail. Some times it happens, but it is almost never on purpose. Deadly??? I don't think so. Fun?? Oh yea:thumbsup:
  15. treebasher

    Monti. Harescramble

    No problem.