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  1. Float

    Supercross TV schedule

    I hear ya, but being a relatively small sport we are lucky to even have that option. I would guess that if you added up all the subscribers times the money they will get, it would hardly cover their investment. Myself, I have only DSL Internet at $106/mo and am tired of the lousy streaming and having to wait until someone posts the video a couple days later.
  2. Float

    Supercross TV schedule

    $89 for both SX & MX? That's fantastic!
  3. Pro-X is sourced from different suppliers.
  4. Float


    Even going to a 49 rear my stock chain guide wears out quicker. Wish the OEM's would put adjustable chain guides on their bikes...
  5. Not to change the subject (ie. trash talking), but IMO the Japanese manufacturers seem to design bikes based more on marketing trends rather than actually riding them during the development process to make them perform at a high level as with KTM. I would actually prefer to buy a Japanese bike, but there are things about the current crop of bikes like weight and geometry that I refuse to buy into - and they are all the same.
  6. Float

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    That is why this is such a great solution. You don't need to replate or buy a new cylinder to get a tight fitting piston. I have about 250 hrs on my '12 right now (40 hrs on this piston) and it still has really, really good compression and rips. I go about 50-60 hrs between piston changes. Kit comes with piston, rings, pin, and clips. This is not a big bore kit simply a slightly tighter spec piston so you use the stock gaskets. Stock rings also work with it.
  7. Float

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    A 'C' size piston is, if I remember correctly, .0012" larger than your stock piston. That increase in size should fit well into any used cylinder and I've used it on probably a dozen rebuilds 2 stroke & 4 stroke with great results. Amazon sells those kits for a little over a hundred bucks. As mentioned, there are a couple other piston companies that do this that are probably better quality pistons than ProX which are OEM knockoffs. For me, I haven't been able to tell the difference - plus I am cheap so ProX it is...
  8. Float


    The really great racers/champions ride within their means and continue to build up their base over their careers. There have been countless riders with immense talent who failed to launch because of riding over their heads and constantly getting injured. The clock is ticking for AC but it would be nice to see him reach his full potential. Actually, I am still waiting to reach my full potential so I am speaking from experience...
  9. Float

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    IMO, putting an OEM sized piston back in a used stock bore is waste of money. There are several companies that now offer incremental oversized piston kits that will make a big difference in the compression and longevity of your new piston. I've used many ProX 'C' sized pistons in my stock bores and it is one of the best performance parts you can buy for your machine.
  10. Float

    2012 Ktm 250 sxf hard starting

    There is no choke on that bike. If you are referring to the knob on the side of the fuel injection body, that does two things. If you pull it out it bleeds a little extra air into the intake to help starting or if you turn it that adjusts the idle. I had an '11 250SXF and rode it for months before I figured out that it started much better using it when hot too. My '11 had nothing but problems with the first year FI but I learned to live with it. The order of failures were 1. Dirty inline filter screen (where hose enters FI body) 2. Injector plugged up (every 3-5 months), 3. Fuel pump (one time). But, I never had an issue with it being hard to start then running normally afterward.
  11. Float

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Wow, I have over 1000 annoying posts now. Should I quit this and get a life when I become a 'TT Addict' or reach the 'Get Help Now' stage?
  12. Float

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    I new I'd get some grief for saying that about the RMZ but for me it is %100 accurate. That bike had a 27.5° head angle and for me even with stock suspension tuned for a 120 beginner it turned poorly. Once I got the suspension done it was worse. I bought offset clamps and that helped but still I suffered through 4 years of riding that bike during the recession. If that bike had a decent head angle it may have been the best handling bike I'd ever owned. Easy steering with good feel is not necessarily good steering.
  13. Float

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Believe me a bike with lousy geometry like my '06 KX250F or '07 RMZ250 cannot be fixed with simple tweaks like links or clamps. Both those bikes had way too much rake and steered like snow plows and nothing on this planet would change that unless you pulled the rake in with offset bearings or bent the frame with a crusher. And for those of you talking about weight, I've owned over 40 motocross bikes and not one time did I ever notice a heavy bike feeling light or a light bike feeling heavy. Weight and geometry are by far the most important things I look at when buying a bike.
  14. Float

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Didn't mean to imply that suspension shouldn't have a large impact only that it shouldn't be used to place a bike 4th instead of higher just because a rider wasn't able to get it to settle in corners and another rider was and it got 2nd (for example). Bones & DNA are attributes that cannot be easily fixed like geometry, weight, and reliability.
  15. Float


    I pretty much threw in the towel on our guys yesterday after qualifying. This race is kind of like the Superbowl where most years one team kills it and the other chokes. Team USA choked. But, that third moto was incredible. Spectacular rides by Coldenhoff, Paulin, and of course Herlings. Who'd of thunk that the French would win it with their B team and Netherlands a third with only two riders. Italy had it in their grasp if only Cairoli had goggles. Painful as it is, if there was any question about who has the most competitive series that was answered today.