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  1. My two cents is that whether you are a beginner or a pro you should listen to your body when riding. That is, your body will tell you when you are riding beyond your skill level or you are physically exhausted. Learn to recognize it and you'll build up your base by staying healthy.
  2. i disagree... ur mother is a ho (Glad I could contribute to this thread)
  3. On a side note, I don't think it is a good idea to have grease on axles. To me the axles should be dry so they don't twist in the clamps while riding. Afterall, you wouldn't grease your forks before installing them in the triple clamps. (I know you didn't do it but just saying...)
  4. I stopped subscribing to MXA because I'd get pissed every time I got an issue and it was 90% KTM, Husky, Yamaha and Glen Helen. To me it is not a global, national, or regional mag but instead a local rag centered at Glen Helen. But, in spite of my bad attitude toward their publication, that was one of the best reviews I've seen. I like their new crew of testers just wish the mag was as good as their videos.
  5. Just put a good plug into the cap and ground the spark plug to the head and crank it. Your method sounds a little suspect.
  6. I run aftermarket pistons in all my bikes and always weigh the entire piston assembly before putting it in. If it weighs more than the OEM assembly I get the Dremel out and grind the low hanging fruit to get it to match. Low hanging fruit being the inside ends of the pin and up to half of the piston bridge. So you are thinking an army of engineers designed this piston to be on the bleeding edge reliability-wise and compromising that will surely cause a catastrophic failure. More likely it was designed by an army of lawyers who were trying to cover the arses. BTW, it's been awhile but someone posted on here that they ran a ProX piston in a KTM and it didn't allow enough oil to get to the rod small end. Might want to search for that if you are thinking of using one. I've used ProX pistons in my Jap bikes for years and they've been very good.
  7. You don't need to be faster than Eli to beat him because he usually beats himself. I'd like to see Eli win at least one of these SX championships but time is running out and it looks to me like AC is further along the path than Webb was last year.
  8. If it were me, I would concentrate on the ignition first, that is, assuming that you do not have a spark. If you don't have fuel you can test that by spraying ether into the intake after you have the ignition sorted. Have you tested the coil, coil wire, cap, and any ground wires attached to the coil? Maybe bypass the kill switch. From what you described the problem sounds more like an injector issue.
  9. The universe is against US. I suspect that it has something to do with our president pissing everyone off with his infantile tweets.
  10. I am planning a trip and want to hit up a few tracks I've never been to and as usual about 90% of them do not post when they are actually open for practice. They have endless photos, videos, reviews etc., but good luck finding any information you can really use. Maybe they assume everyone is local and already know when they are open but IMO that is a very bad assumption. If they did nothing else online they should at least inform you of where they are and when they are open. No other business does that...
  11. That gen bike (pre 2010) had a lot of rake. Good luck getting it to turn in tight corners.
  12. Doesn't look like he is wearing any proper back protection after two years of being sidelined. But of course it is more important to look cool than wear proper upper body protection and look fat on camera.
  13. According to quantum physics no elementary particle can exist until it is observed. The implication being that the observer is a conscious entity. With that in mind, it might make sense that a track is literally alive and interacting with the observer. I personally have had many tracks reach up and bite me. This is why I prefer Newtonian physics where the track is dead as a door knob and you are responsible for any injuries that might be incurred.
  14. I live and exercise at just below 9000 feet. When I first moved here after living for years at 5600 feet elevation I could barely walk up the side of my house without gasping for air. Any physical exertion would leave me unusually fatigued. After a year of hiking almost daily up and down the mountain my body adjusted and the improvements are remarkable. When I ride moto at lower elevations my ability to take in oxygen make a noticeable difference. So with Tomac, I heard he lives and trains at about 5000 feet elevation. For me, there was a much bigger difference going from 5600 feet to just below 9000 then there was going from sea level to 5600 feet. Not saying that training at 5000 feet isn't an advantage but I don't think it is as big a deal as some make it out to be.
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